Tom and Jerry Saw Game is a Saw Game.

ploThe evil Pigsaw has kidnapped , Jerry, and to make him Edit

play his wicked game. Help them escape safe and sound! Edit

Chart Edit

acters Edit

  • Heroes: Tom Cat, Jerry Mouse, and Spike Bulldog
  • Captive: Tyke Bulldog
  • Villains: Pigsaw, Pigface,  Freddy Krueger, Samara Morgan, Pinky and the Brain, Plankton, Jason Voorhees.
  • Others: Top Cat, Barry B Benson

Trivia Edit

  • While Tom and Jerry accept to play the game, knowing this is the only way to escape, Spike at first refuses, but he changes his mind when Pigsaw reveals he has also kidnapped his son Tyke.

Cards (Made by Simonlars08) Edit

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 15.24.26
Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 15.23.33

The trailer card is made by Simonlars08 and aswell the saw game without a trailer, So it's pretty much a saw game card.

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