Tom & Jerry Crazy Escape

Plot Edit

The Evil Megatron has kidnapped Tom & Jerry! Help Tom & Jerry escape them!

Characters Edit

Heroes: Tom & Jerry

Tom Villains Part: Evil Elf, Evil Masked Figure, Dr. Whipple, Ares (God of War) & Megatron

Tom Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Scooby-Doo, Garfield, Odie & Kratos

Jerry Villains Part: Evil Clown, Zanthar, Abrasive Spongebob, Janja & Megatron

Jerry Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Grunkle Stan, Spongebob, Sandy & Kion


Tom Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Evil Elf - Help inkagames winner explode the bomb
  • Evil Masked Figure - Sucker-punched
  • Dr. Whipple - Shot an injection in your head
  • Ares - Burning
  • Megatron - Destroyed by a power 

Jerry Deaths/Defeat 

  • Evil Clown - Help Inkagames winner termite eats a hammer
  • Zanthar - Trapped by a cage
  • Abrasive Spongebob - Help Spongebob hitting a stones
  • Janja - Sucker-punched
  • Megatron - Destroyed by a power 
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