Slenderman Saw Game


The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Slenderman! Help Slenderman escape him!


  • Location: Slender Forest

Slenderman: I fresh air to cold

Trapped by a sack

30 Minutes Later

Slenderman: What am I?

  • TV Turn on

Pigsaw: Hello Slenderman.

(Answer 1)You Again?

Pigsaw: Who did you expect? The Joker? Ha ha ha

(Answer 2): I'm sorry, I Can't play games right now

Pigsaw: Ha ha ha... stop it right there... I decide if you are busy or not

(Answer 3): What do you want?

Pigsaw: I want to play a game

Slenderman: Again? I played one the last time...

Pigsaw: Well you will have to play this one If want get to 8 note

Pigsaw: If you want to 8 note defeat the villains and the notes are the villains in room

Pigsaw: Live or die, Make your Choice!

  • TV Turn off

Slenderman: I'll Get to 8 Page And Let's get out of here!

  • Trailer Card

Characters Edit


Anti-Hero: Slenderman

Heroes: Cody Jones, Town, MagicManMo, Derpguy109, Longcrawl, Cowardly Lion, Marty McFly, Yogi Bear, Valentin Girl, Giancarlo Lo Tito, Simonlars08, Etno Polino, Pewdiepie & Obama

Villains: Witch, Purple Guy, Sonic.Exe, Tinky Tank, Springtank, Foxy, Biff Tannen, Ghost Boxer, Balloon Guy, Tiger, Scrunch, Photo-Negative Mickey, Skopio, Clockwork & Jeff the Killer

Others: Inkagames Winner & Sally


  • Witch - Magic turns into a frog
  • Purple Guy - Shot by a police gun
  • Sonic.Exe - Hitting by a pan
  • Tinky Tank - Hitting by a bowling ball
  • Springtank - Electrocution by a wires
  • Foxy - Trapped by a hole
  • Biff Tannen - Hitting by a hammer
  • Ghost Boxer - Trapped by a plastic bag
  • Balloon Guy - Explode by a bomb
  • Tiger - Meat poisoning
  • Scrunch - Hitting by a mallet
  • Photo-Negative Mickey - Shot by a pistol
  • Skopio - Explode by a grenade
  • Clockwork - Killed by a dagger
  • Jeff the Killer - Killed by a sword


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