Scar Saw Game

Plot Edit

The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Scar! Help Scar escape him! 

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Characters Edit

Anti-Hero: Scar

Heroes: Mufasa, Taylor Swift, Krusty The Clown, Darwin, Squidward, Masha, Pena Nieto, Lucy van Pelt, Ned Flanders & Chris Griffin

Villains: Pigsaw, Janja, Big Bad Wolf, Orangussnake, Liam McCracken, Plankton, Nelson Muntz, Icarax, Herobrine, Zombie & Mothra 

Other: Inkagames Winner 


  • Janja - Trapped by a hole
  • Big Bad Wolf - Turned into a statue 
  • Orangussnake - Shot by an assault rifle
  • Liam McCracken - Hitting by a stones 
  • Plankton - Killing insecticide 
  • Nelson Muntz - Hitting by a block 
  • Icarax - Explode by a grenade 
  • Herobrine - Shot by an arrow
  • Zombie - Chopped by a tree
  • Mothra - Burning

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