Plot Edit

Trailer Edit

  • Rovi23's Room

Rovi23: the fine game winner

Pigface: walk Rovi23's Room

Rovi23: Look Pigface's disguise  Brock Lesnar

Pigface: Grab has Rovi23 just 

Pigface: Grab Rovi23 Sack

30 minutes later card"

  • TV Turns On

Pigsaw: Hi Rovi23

(answer 1) Rovi23: Talk off there subtle?

Pigsaw: No be to Suble very 

(answer 2) Rovi23: the Escape get country is life

Pigsaw: Lair door exit to the rescue

Picture: Mel  Tied Up A Glass huge

Pigsaw: Let's Talk Rules, I'm Kidnap vallian or win

Rovi23: rage with think thinks!

Pigsaw: I Wants Trap Play  My Game.

Pigsaw: Win Or Lose, Make Your Choise Vallian!

  • TV Turn Off

Rovi23: Play Rescue force make Win

  • Trailer Card

Characters Edit


Victims: Mel (Rovi23's Girlfriend)

Villains: Pigface, Pigsaw, Monster Noodle cup, Shark, Laffitte, Zig, King Piccolo, Dr. Gero, Ghost, Mutchy Mutchy, Oggy.Exe, Moth Hawk, The Undertaker Evil, Monkey Robot, Banana Monster, Oozura, Joker (Rolbox).

Other: Inkagames winner, Asuka (wwe), Sharko, Referee (wwe), Goku kid, Luis Fernando Gonzalez Salazar, Kairi Sane (mentioned), Oggy (Rebirth), Cockroach Three (Oggy and The Cockroaches).

He will be next victims in next game.

Triva Edit

  • At the end, Pigsaw announces at the end the next games: Asuka Saw Game and Luis Fernando Gonzalez Salazar Saw Game.

Deaths/Defeat Edit

  • Monster Noodle cup - Helper Asuka eat Monster Noodle cup
  • Shark - Turned into a iceberg
  • Laffitte - Helper Inkagame Winner hit by bowling ball
  • Zig - Shot by an arrow; Run Helper Sharko attack Zig
  • King Piccolo - hit by anvil
  • Dr. Gero - Kamehameha
  • Ghost - Trapped by a glass big
  • Mutchy Mutchy - Blast fire Destroyed
  • Oggy.Exe -  lighting Destroyed
  • Moth Hawk - Hitting chair, Gun Shot Zap small
  • The Undertaker Evil - punch Glove Boxer
  • Monkey Robot - Destroyed by a Soda
  • Banana Monster - Slip Skateboard
  • Oozura - Eat Banana Monster pill sleep
  • Joker - Shot by a laser gun

Deaths/defeats you lose Edit

  • Monster Noodle cup - you Throw Rovi23 sky
  • Shark - A bite Rovi23
  • Laffitte - Trapped by a net Rovi23
  • Zig - Chair tied by a rope Rovi23; catch by Fishing rod intro Chair tied by a rope Rovi23
  • Sharko - Talk punch Rovi23
  • King Piccolo - Destroyed by a fire Rovi23
  • Dr. Gero - Eye Laser by power Rovie23; Laser mirror
  • Ghost - Scare Rovi23
  • Mutchy Mutchy - Smashed Rovi23
  • Oggy.Exe - Rovi23 Kill big Shredder
  • Moth Hawk - transformation Akumatized villains Rovi23
  • The Undertaker Evil - Catch Coffin in Rovi23.
  • Monkey Robot -  Destroyed by a power Rovi23
  • Oozura - Crushing in Hands Rovi23
  • Joker -  It exploded with an explosive gift
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