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Hero: Roger (Titeuf)

Victim: Titeuf, Anne-Mathilde, Zizie.

Villains: Pigsaw, Freddy Krueger, Ray Giant, Lester Van Luster, Quackerjack, The Invisible Man (Teen Titans Go), Perfect Sandwich, Pizza Face, Mojo Jojo (Oozaru), Warren Stone, Zombie Clowns, Asuka.Exe (Freddy Krueger Saw Game).

Others: Inkagame winner, Porky pig, Leslie Hunt (The Looney Tunes Show), Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny (Picture), Dog mask.

Helper: Derpguy109

Triva Edit

  • that any object he will give him will be Asuka.exe appreciated. Leslie Hunt then gave Roger his Pill rebirth from his box and his spy kit .
  • Pigsaw announces at the end the next games: Manu Saw Game
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