Rob Saw Game is a Saw Game.

Plot Edit

The evil puppet Pigsaw has kidnapped Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Nicole & Richard! Help Rob Rescue them!

Rob (Tawog) Saw Game

Characters Edit

Hero: Rob

Victims: Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Nicole & Richard.

Villains: Rob (Clone evil), Gorast, Master Frown, Spider, Evil Bear, Snake, King Boo, Evil Cat, King Louie & Tina Rex

Others: Inkagames Winner, Woody Woodpecker & Robot, Bruiser Sr.

Trailer/Transcript Edit

Rob: *creating a card for gumball* I'm finally writing a card for gumball. I gotta keep creating it.

Rob: Al.....Most......There......*Yawns*........Gotta keep going.........

Rob: *Snoring*

*The next morning*

Rob: *Snores and then Wakes up, Yawns* What day is it?

Rob: Oh, It's Wednesday. It's time for me to get up.

Rob: *getting ready in the morning*

Rob: *sighs* my favorite time of the day. Time for a morning television.

Rob: *Turns on the TV*

Rob: What is that creepy face doing in here? He’s blocking my TV show!

Pigsaw: Hello Roy.

Rob: No, no, no, my name isn't- MY NAME IS ROB, GOSHDARN IT!

Pigsaw: you know how you realize that gumball watterson had rescued his family?

Rob: I think I know you now, you’re a mean puppet.

Pigsaw: Thanks for the compliment.

Rob: Excuse me, I can't chat anymore, I have to keep working on a card for gumball.

Places/Areas Edit

  • Gumball's House
  • City Usa
  • the factory
  • Lair door Close keypad locked\ Lair Studio room Cartoon factory
  • Jungle
  • Satan City
  • Potenza City
  • The Park (Bruiser Sr in Park)
  • Cartoon Land
  • Cartoon Land Rides
  • Cartoon Land Cirus
  • Zoo (Tina Rex In Zoo cage)
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