Plot Edit

Pigsaw forces Mordecai and Rigby to play his evil game.

Trailer Edit

Them Cut zoom Coffee shop

Mordecai: Read newspaper Not Vote for man Rigby: a newspaper with Town Land place Here what's yet cartoon

Mordecai: Newspaper to Picture Why!!!!

Margaret: away Grab A waffle with Caramel Blueberry Table In Thank you

Rigby and Mordecai: Eating Waffles Caramel Blueberry off the Poison

Rigby and Mordecai: Stop W.C. fast Two Toilet

Margaret: the day Look toilet room yes smell Poison sleep

"30 minutes later card"

Rigby and Mordecai: Missing for toilet poison not

The TV turns on"

Pigsaw: Hello Rigby and Mordecai:

(answer 1) Rigby: A story never regular Show

Pigsaw: I am not an added character I am a Pigsaw.

(answer 2) Mordecai: a World free Missing

Pigsaw: What placed space

Mordecai: Thinks Work Vote today Rigby: That Ramp Next by expertise Not Epidose Pj.Mask Been to Future get Very

Pigsaw: Rescape What's Missing no Crush Life

Pigsaw: win Room of Escape two your choice!

Rigby and Mordecai: Help us escape!

"Rigby's walk with Lair Back"

Character Edit

Hero: Mordecai and Rigby

Mordecai's Villain Part: Bees Evil, Peg Leg Pete, Warden of the Internet, Freeze (Corrector Yui), Man Ray, Meta-Cooler, Shark, Grim

Rigby's Villain Part: Two-Face, Dog evil, Bob, Fat Man (Shaun the Sheep), The Prisoner Mr. Bean (animated TV series), Jaggy (Corrector Yui), Victor the Villain (Wallykazam!), Hulk, Peeps, Grim

Mordecai's Part Other: Stan of the Swamp, Benson (regular show), Peppa (statue)Hunter, Bitzer (Shaun the Sheep)

Rigby's Part Other: Don, Pop, Lab Man, Pj mask (no suit super Future Adult Civilian), Taxi Driver, Shop man.

Trivia Edit

Rooms/Areas Edit

  • Mordecai: Lair Slide
  • Rigby: Lair Back
  • Mordecai: Park
  • Rigby: City U.S.A
  • Mordecai: Lair keypad door\ Room Book comic Pj mask collection
  • Rigby: Lab's room
  • Mordecai: Stan's Swamp
  • Rigby: Parking Side
  • Rigby: City Londra
  • Mordecai: Townland
  • Rigby: arene wrestle Pigsaw
  • Mordecai: Stump Long Ramp
  • Mordecai: wrestle building
  • Mordecai: arene wrestle Pigsaw
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