1. what's up everyone Party Central 5 the livestreamer I will be reading all your question I see one so I'm going to read it what's your favorite game my favorite game is is Resident Evil in Sly Cooper let's ask another question why did you choose the name Party Central 5 a.m. why I thought it sound cool I don't know exactly let's ask another question Pigsaw said that he'll make you play next Party Central 5 a.m. I don't think so I only have 13 subscribers hello Party Central 5 a.m.  what's going on why am I next to play I only have 13 subscribersI know that you only have 13 subscribers but that's not stopping me from making you play who are you you know exactly who I am you played a lot of my games that's how I know you know who I am Party Central 5 a.m. okay fine I do but what do you want I'm trying to record a live stream I want to play a game play your game I don't think so I know how you told your people in your game Pigsaw  knew you would accept my game but have someone that would make you change your mind my family release them immediately release them I don't think so that's going to be up to you now in the game your face many dangers in your game in history and I'm going well for you as a put traps and puzzles win or lose make your choice we have to rescue my family
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