Oggy's Crazy Escape (also known as El escape loco de Oggy in Spanish) is an escape game.


Oggy falls into the land of all genres, ranging from video games, comics and more! Help Oggy escape this crazy land of genres!
Oggy's Crazy Escape


  • Heroes: Oggy
  • Villains: Evil Wizard, Plankton, Zombies, Sonic.exe, Mortimer Mouse,Freeze (Corrector Yui).
  • Minor-Villains: Pigsaw, Endveil Ben.
  • Others: Inkagames Winner, Spongebob, Patrick, Oggy Shadow, Mickey Mouse, Shaun.




Oggy: Finally! Time for my favourite show, Transformers!

(T.V. shows My Little Pony instead)

Oggy: Are you kidding me!? There must be something wrong with the schedule.

(Outside, thunder strikes on Oggy's T.V. antenna)

Oggy: What the!?

(The T.V. opens a wormhole)

Oggy: Wait- AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

(3 minutes later)

Oggy: (wakes up) wha-Where am I?

Wizard: You are in the realm of Al-Gen Re.

Answer 1(What's Al-Gen Re?)Edit

Wizard: It's a place within the boundaries near the Fourth Wall and T.V. screen.

Oggy: Woah.

Answer 2(Am I Dreaming?)Edit

Wizard: In that question, no, you aren't.

Answer 3(I am from the outside world. How do I get out?)Edit

Wizard: You are from the outside world hmm? I will tell you.

(points at a floating castle)

Wizard: In that castle, there will be a door that will lead you to the Fourth Wall. It's kinda like a toll gate. This castle by anyone who passes it calls it, Toll of The Last Laugh.

Oggy: Toll of The Last Laugh? But doesn't that sound... Silly?

Wizard: It's kinda like dark humour for you.

Oggy: Okay. I have no time to lose, I'm going to break into that castle now!


  • Shaun gave Oggy the hot sauce, Joypad and Robot pigsaw, Glue to Good him up.
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