Plot Edit

The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped the Super Why team and holding them in a abandonned prison. Help Obama to rescue them.

Trailer Edit

Obama: a computer is Password What's Number

"tv turns on"

Pigsaw: Hello Obama.

(answer 1) Obama: I want Here Breaking

Pigsaw: You Breaking not Kidnapped

(answer 2) Obama: Pigsaw Copy Oggy

Pigsaw: diabolic all famous get Pigsaw to Mr. Putter

Obama: I'm cat Light Blue in the Shadow Face Happy by expertise

Obama: You Oggy

Pigsaw: Why off the ENOUGH????

(Answer 3) Super Why Arrested !!!!!

Pigsaw: Computer Look video passed from the remember Whyatt Beanstalk: Guy a Money thief no Run Grab liquorice wine with Drink Glass

Cops: the Kick Door Gets prisoners Guns Whyatt Beanstalk up Hand between Cops

Pigsaw: Super why reading super Help rescue to special escape

Pigsaw: Well, Bye this will changed your mind  Reading Super

Obama: Super Why team and holding them in a abandonned prison. Help Obama to rescue.

"Trailer card"

Characters Edit

Hero: Obama

Arrested: Princess Pea, Alpha Pig, Little Red Riding Hood, Whyatt Beanstalk and Woofster

Villains: Bulldog, Luna Girl, Plankton, Fat inmate, Sideshow Bob, The Daltons, Stewie Griffin, outside guard, Pigsaw.

Others: Oggy, The dog mask, Sideshow, Shop Man Mel, Eddie, Lou, shop gun, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Ladybug, Cops.

Trivia Edit

  • Oggy gave Obama the Double Sided Sanding Nail to cheered him up.
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