Nickelodeon Saw Game


The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Nickelodeon! Help Nickelodeon escape them!


Location: Nickelodeon Studios, USA

  • Spongebob: Woah, this fun in studio
  • Lincoln Loud: Get inside
  • Ryder: What is this a card?
  • Looking at the card face of Pigsaw
  • Ryder: What a fake card? It is not king of cards
  • Ryder: Let's go
  • Trapped into a cage
  • 30 minutes later
  • Spongebob: What am I?
  • Pigsaw: Hello Lincoln Loud, Spongebob, Patrick Star, Timmy Turner, Raphael, Angelica Pickles, Ryder, Danny Phantom & Wally the Trollman
  • Answer 1: Ryder: Pigsaw in Nickelodeon Studios?
  • Ryder: Pigsaw in Nickelodeon Studios?
  • Pigsaw: Yes
  • Answer 2: Lincoln Loud: Pigsaw fake card
  • Lincoln Loud: Pigsaw fake card
  • Pigsaw: Changed into a card
  • Answer 3: Spongebob: What do you want?
  • Spongebob: What do you want?
  • Pigsaw: I Want to play a game
  • Patrick Star: What kind of game?
  • Pigsaw: If you want to defeat evil villains
  • Raphael: That's what you get him escape
  • Pigsaw: If you want to all escape
  • Pigsaw: If you play the game to win the game
  • Spongebob: Let them escape!
  • Title card


Heroes: Lincoln Loud, Spongebob, Patrick star, Timmy Turner, Rapahel, Angelica Pickles, Ryder, Danny Phantom, Wally the Trollman.

Lincoln Loud Villains Part: Hank & Hawk & Principal Huggins

Lincoln Loud Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Clyde McBride, Howard and Harold McBride and Roonie Anne Santiago

Spongebob Villains Part: Plankton, Flying Dutchman, DoodleBob, Abrasive Spongebob & BlackJack Squarepants

Spongebob Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Sandy & Pearl Krabs

Patrick Star Villains Part: Man Ray, Dirty Bubble, Robot Plankton, Karen Plankton & Cyclops (Spongebob Movie)

Patrick Star Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Gary the Snail, Mrs. Puff, Larry the Lobster & Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

Timmy Turner Villains Part: Denzel Crocker, Vicky, Dark Laser, Foop & The Destructinator

Timmy Turner Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Wanda, Cosmo, Poof, Mr. Turner & Mrs. Turner

Rapahel Villains Part: Shredder, Bepop, Rocksteady, Kavaxas & Krang

Rapahel Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello & April O'Neil

Angelica Pickles Villains Part: Coco LaBouche, Jean LaClaude & Fluffy

Angelica Pickles Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Chuckie Finster, Tommy Pickles & Lillian DeVille

Ryder Villains Part: The Copycat, Mayor Humdinger, Harold Humdinger, Sweetie & Kitten Catastrophe Crew

Ryder Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Cap'n Turbot, Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Skye, Zuma, Everest, Robo-Dog & Tracker

Danny Phantom Villains Part: Dark Danny, Ember McLain, Vlad Plasmius, Pariah Dark & Desiree

Danny Phantom Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Tucker Foley & Sam Manson

Wally Trollman Villain Part: Victor the Villain

Wally Trollman Others Part: Inkagames Winner & Bobgoblin


Lincoln Loud Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Hank & Hawk - Trapped by a net
  • Principal Huggins - Help inkagames winner fell a skateboard

Spongebob Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Plankton - killing an insecticide
  • Flying Dutchman - Burning
  • DoodleBob - Help inkagames winner trapped by a hole
  • Abrasive Squarepants - Help Sandy sucker-punched
  • BlackJack Squarepants - Sucker-punched

Patrick Star Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Man Ray - shot a laser gun
  • Dirty Bubble - stab by a bubble
  • Robot Plankton - hitting stones
  • Karen Plankton - Electrocution by a wires
  • Cyclops - Trapped by a hole

Timmy Turner Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Denzel Crocker - Kick and trapped in a locker
  • Vicky - Hit a pan
  • Dark Laser - Stabbed by a lightsaber
  • Foop - Help Poof plunged into a lava
  • The Destrcutinator - Stabbed by a laser torch

Raphael Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Shredder - Stabbed by a sword
  • Bebop - Stabbed by a laser torch
  • Rocksteady - Throw potion grey
  • Kavaxas - Stung to death by jellyfish
  • Krang - Electrocution by a wires

Angelica Pickles Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Coco LaBouche - Head shot arrested
  • Jean LaClaude - Beaten by piñata bat
  • Fluffy - Fish poisoning

Ryder Deaths/Defeat

  • The Copycat - Fell a skateboard and trapped by a net
  • Mayor Humdinger - Trapped by a sack
  • Harold Humdinger - Tied by a chain
  • Sweetie - Trapped by a cage
  • Kitten Catastrophe Crew - Trapped by a cage

Danny Phantom Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Dark Danny - Shot by a laser gun
  • Ember McLain - Trapped by a hole
  • Vlad Plasmius - Shot by a laser gun
  • Pariah Dark - Trapped by a hole
  • Desiree - Hit by a stone club

Wally Trollman Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Victor the Villain - Kick and sucker-punch


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