Mr. Krabs Saw Game is a Saw Game

Plot Edit

The evil Pigsaw has kiddnapped Pearl, Mr. Krabs' daughter, to force him to play his wicked game. Help Mr. Krabs to save her before it's too late!

Trailer Edit

(Mr. Krabs Was Check The Money In The His House. Then, A TV Turn On)

Pigsaw: Hello Eugene.

(Answer 1) How Do You Know My Name?

Pigsaw: Not Only I Know Your Name, I Also Know A While Ago, And You Didn't Even Noticed.

Mr. Krabs: But, How Is It Possible I Didn't Noticed That?

Pigsaw: Simple, I Watched `Spongebob Squarepants` Your Like A Money.

(Answer 2) Who Are You?

Pigsaw: My Name Is Pigsaw.

Mr. Krabs: What A Funny Name.

Pigsaw: I'll Wipe That Smile Out Of Your Face Soon.

(Answer 3) What Do You Want?

Pigsaw: I Wants Play My Game.

Mr. Krabs: A Game? I'm Sorry, I'm Work A Check The Money

Pigsaw: But If Check The Money, Your Pearl Was A Danger.

Mr. Krabs My Own Daughter Pearl!? Where Are She?

Pigsaw: Look Closely.

  • Pearl Was Tied Up A Rope

Mr. Krabs: My Pearl! What Kind Of A Game?

Pigsaw: You See Your Like A Money So I'm Kidnap A Pearl.

Pigsaw: And If Save your Daughter You'll Come To Haunted House.

Pigsaw: And I Puts A Villains And you will have to beat them.

Pigsaw: Do You Want Save Your Daughter?

Pigsaw: Let's Game Begin!

  • TV Turn Off

Mr. Krabs: I've Got The Save My Daughter Pearl!

  • Trailer Card

Characters Edit

  • Hero: Mr. Krabs
  • Victim: Pearl Krabs
  • Villains: Pigsaw, Pridak, Man-Ray, Swiper the Fox, Pinky and the Brain, Dennis, Mojo Jojo, Ursula, Karzahni, Plankton
  • Other: Squidward (cameo), Patrick (cameo), SpongeBob (cameo), Lincoln Loud (cameo in the picture)

Trivia Edit

  • in the game is based SpongeBob Saw Game.
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