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  • Milhouse See Tv Krusty Clown's Dance

Milhouse: The episode of Krusty Clown Here Tv show

"TV turns on"

Pigsaw: Hello Milhouse:

(answer 1) Milhuose: Butter Peanut with Jam

Pigsaw: What Too Peanut Butter Jam Red

(answer 2) Milhuose: Yes so Friendship Simpsons

Pigsaw: Not oddness Is Yellow Let

(answer 3) Milhuose: Missing Bike

Pigsaw: I want to play a game.

Milhuose: Bike blast i don't care what game it is, I won't play!

Pigsaw: I knew that would change your mind.

Milhouse: Help me finded my Bike please, I know i haven't been this worryied since some years ago, Please help me find my Dragonball!

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Character Edit

Hero: Milhouse

Victim: Milhouse's Bike

Villains: Super 17,Cooler, Dirty Bubble, Sideshow Bob, Killer Krusty Doll, Lord Slug, Blinky

Other: Bart Simpson, Ralph Wiggum, Master Roshi.


  • Milhouse's Home
  • Island
  • Japan (Cooler & Lord Slug in Japan)
  • Bikini Bottom
  • Toy Store
  • Simpsons' House
  • Springfield Elementary School
  • Earth
  • Blinky's Castle
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