Lola and Lana Loud Saw Game


The Evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Lola & Lana Loud! Help Lola & Lana Loud escape them!


Heroes: Lola and Lana Loud

Lola Loud's Villains Part: Pigsaw, King Nixel, Major Nixel, The Shadow (Hello Neighbor), Lord Joker, Makuta Teridax, Fenrakk, Hans (Totally Spies), Simon Tucker & Green Skeleton

Lana Loud's Villains Part: Pigsaw, Toffee, Ludo, 8 Ball, Teeth (Gravity Falls), Trina (Big Hero 6), Sinister Six, Tombstone, Anti-Mabel & Xanthar

Lola Loud's Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Mr. Toad (Disney), Casper, Unikitty & Dog Mask

Lana Loud's Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Marco Diaz, Mabel, Penn Zero & Mary Jane Watson (Ultimate Spider-Man)

Deaths/Defeat Edit

Lola Loud Deaths/Defeat Part

  • King Nixel - Help Inkagames Winner hitting stones
  • Major Nixel - Hitting by a stone
  • The Shadow - Shot by a Flare Gun
  • Lord Joker - Trapped by a cage
  • Makuta Teridax - Hitting by a bat
  • Fenrakk - Sucker-Punched
  • Hans - Sucker-Punched
  • Simon Tucker - Kick and sucker-punched
  • Gree Skeleton - Help a dog mask eats a bone

Lana Loud Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Toffee - Help Marco Diaz hitting stones
  • Ludo - To spell magic turns into a frog
  • 8 Ball - Help Mabel killed by a stake
  • Teeth - Trapped by a hole
  • Trina - Helps inkagames winner hit a bat
  • Sinister Six - Sucker-Punched
  • Tombstone - Hit a stones
  • Anti-Mabel - Trapped by a net
  • Xanthar - Trapped by a cage
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