Saw Games is a series of games created by the Peruvian website Inkagames. It is based on the Saw horror film series. In the Saw Games, the main antagonist Pigsaw, sometimes accompanied by his helper Pigface, kindaps the protagonist and forces him/her to play his game, which consist in getting out of a laberynth, which in most cases are abandonated hotels, mansions etc. which is full of dangerous characters which will atack the player if he/she encounters them. There is also an alternative Saw Game, in which one of the character's relatives, or pets are kindapped and the main character has to guess where they are while they are exploring a huge area, in this type of games, the player has a map that allows him/her to teleport through the area's most important places, sometimes the player has to resolve puzzles and/or defeat enemies in order to progress trough the map, or all the places where the player can go are already accesible at the beggining of the game.

These are the main episodes in the fanon wiki.

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