Krusty the Clown Cartoon Rescue

Plot Edit

The evil cartoon villains has kidnapped Cartoons! Help Krusty the Clown rescue cartoons!

Trailer/Transcript Edit

  • Spongebob's House
    • Plankton: He he he i'll kidnapped Spongebob
    • Patrick Star: Spongebob?
  • Location: Simpsons House
    • Sideshow Bob: He h he i'll kidnapped Homer Simpson
    • Marge Simpson: Homer Simpson?
  • Location: Griffin's House
    • Ernie the Giant Chicken: He he he i'll kidnapped Peter Griffin
    • Lois Griffin: Peter Griffin?
  • Location: Tree Fort
    • Ice King: He he he i'll kidnapped Finn
    • Jake: Finn?
  • Location: Mr. Bean's House
    • Thieves: He he he i'll kidnapped Mr. Bean
    • Irma Gobb: Mr. Bean?
  • Location: Farm
    • Hector: He he he i'll kidnapped Shaun
    • Bitzer: Shaun?
  • Location: Oggy's House
    • Marky: He he he i'll kidnapped Oggy
    • Jack: Oggy?
  • Location: Ben's House
    • Hex: He he he i'll kidnapped Ben 10
    • Gwen Tennyson: Ben 10?
  • Location: Pops' House
    • Peeps: He he he i'll kidnapped Mordecai
    • Rigby: Mordecai?
  • Locaton: Titeuf's House
    • Teacher: He he he i'll kidnapped Titeuf
    • Roger: Titeuf?
  • Location: Shin Chan's House.
    • Ken and Chako - He he kidnapped Shinnosuke Nohara in abounded factory
    • Misea Nohara: Shinnosuke Nohara?
  • Location: Fuse's House
    • (Dragon Evil was not speaking kidnapped Fuse)
    • Pogo: Fuse?
  • Location: Gumball's House
    • Gargaroth: He he he i'll kidnapped Gumball and Darwin
    • Larry Needlemeyer: Gumball? Darwin?
  • Location: Popeye Village
    • The Greedy Giant: He he he i'll kidnapped Popeye
    • Poopdeck Pappy: Popeye?
  • Location: Bing Bunny's House
    • (Cat evil was not speaking kidnapped Bing Bunny)
    • Flop: Bing Bunny?
  • Location: Casagrande Apartment
    • Asuka: He he he i'll kidnapped Bobby Santiago
    • Maria Santiango: Bobby?
  • Location: Clarence's House
    • (Rat Big was not speaking kinapped Clarence)
    • Chad and Mary Wendle: Clarence?
  • Location: Paris
    • Mr. Pigeon: He he he i'll kidnapped Ladybug and Noir Cat
    • Police: Ladybug? Cat Noir?
  • Location: New York City
    • Pizza Monsters: He he he i'll kidnapped Raph
    • Leonardo: Raph?
  • Location: City
    • Von Vultor: He he he i'll kidnapped Daffy Duck
    • Jacque Shellacque : He he he i'll kidnapped Bugs Bunny
    • Porky Pig: Daffy and Bugs Bunny?
  • Location: Loud House
    • Steak and Stan Stankco: He he he i'll kidnapped Loud Family
    • Hunter Spector: Lola Loud, Lori Loud, Leni Loud, Luan Loud, Lynn Loud, Lucy Loud, Luna Loud, Lisa Loud, Rita Loud, Lynn Loud Sr. & Lincoln Loud?
  • Location: Island
    • Zig: He he he I'll kidnapped Sharko
    • Marina: Sharko?
  • Location: Krusty's Mansion
    • Krusty: I'll sitting here

(The door ringing sound)

  • Patrick Star: The evil Plankton
  • Homer Simpson: Kidnapped Marge Simpson
  • Maria Santiango and Ronnie Anne: That evil Asuka kidnapped Bobby Santiango
  • Misae Nohara and Himawari Nohara: Kidnapped Shinnosuke Nohara
  • Shiro: BAU BAU!

Marina: The kidnap Sharko where?

  • Peter Griffin: And evil Ernie
  • Krusty: Ok ok i'll rescue you

(30 minutes later)

  • Krusty: The evil villains has kidnapped cartoons!

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Characters Edit

Hero: Krusty the Clown

Victims: Spongebob, Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, Finn the Human, Mr. Bean, Shaun the Sheep, Oggy, Ben 10, Mordecai, Titeuf, Shinnosuke Nohara, Fuse (Oddbods), Gumball and Darwin, Popeye, Bing Bunny, Bobby santiago, Clarence, Ladybug and Noir Cat, Raph (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, The Famliy Loud, Sharko.

Villains: Plankton, Sideshow Bob, Ernie the Giant Chicken, Ice King, Thieves (Mr. Bean Animated Series), Hector (Shaun the Sheep), Marky (Oggy and the Cockroaches), Hex (Ben 10), Peeps, Teacher (Titeuf), Ken and Chako, Dragon Evil, Gargaroth, The Greedy Giant (Popeye), Cat evil, Asuka (WWE) Evil, Rat big, Mr. Pigeon, Pizza Monsters, Von Vultur, Blacque Jacque Shellacque, Steak and Stan Stankco, Zig.

Others: Inkagames Winner, Patrick Star, Marge Simpson, Lois Griffin, Jake the Dog, Irma Gobb, Bitzer, Jack (Oggy and the Cockroaches), Gwen Tennyson, Rigby, Roger, Anne-Mathilde, Zizie, Larry Needlemeyer, Misae Nohara,Himawari Nohara,  Shiro (Shin Chan), Pogo, Bubble, Slick, Jeff, Newt, Zee, Poopdeck Pappy, Flop (Bing), Maria Santiago, Ronnie Anne Santiago, Chad and Mary Wendle, police (Miraculous), Leonardo (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Porky Pig, Hunter Spector, Marina (Zig and sharko) and Bernie.

Deaths/Defeats Edit

  • Plankton - Killing insecticide 
  • Sideshow Bob - Fell banana peel
  • Ernie the Giant Chicken - Burning
  • Ice King - Destroyed by a power 
  • Thieves - Head shot arrested 
  • Hector - Hitting by a frisbee
  • Marky - Killing insecticide 
  • Hex - Destroyed by a power 
  • Peeps - Burning
  • Teacher - Trapped by a cage
  • Ken and Chako - Turned into a statue 
  • Dragon Evil - to use hose to water to Dragon
  • Gargaroth - Destroyed by a power 
  • The Greedy Giant - Explode by a bomb
  • Cat evil - Fish poisoning 
  • Asuka Evil - Poison Noodle Cup
  • Rat Big - Big cheese poisoning 
  • Mr. Pigeon - Trapped by a long rope
  • Pizza Monsters - Eat pizza monsters
  • Blacque Jacque Shellacque - Pie Poisoning
  • Von Vultur - Explode by a dynamite
  • Steak and Stan Stancko - killed by MAX Kamekameha
  • Zig - Hitting by a wooden board

Deaths/Defeats you Lose Edit

  • Plankton - Killed by a stun gun by Krusty The Clown 
  • Sideshow Bob - Trapped by a cage by Krusty The Clown 
  • Ernie the Giant Chicken - Eat by Krusty The Clown 
  • Ice King - Trapped by a cage by Krusty The Clown 
  • Thieves - Trapped by a sack by Krusty The Clown 
  • Hector - Taking by Krusty The Clown 
  • Marky - Step on by Krusty The Clown 
  • Hex - Destroyed by a power by Krusty The Clown 
  • Peeps - Blind eyes by Krusty The Clown 
  • Teacher - Hitting by a book by Krusty The Clown 
  • Ken and Chako - Hitting by a stones by Krusty The Clown 
  • Dragon Evil -  Burning by Krusty The Clown rescue 
  • Gargaroth - Taking by Krusty The Clown 
  • The Greedy Giant - Taking by Krusty The Clown 
  • Cat evil - Scares by Krusty The Clown rescue 
  • Asuka Evil - Punch by Krusty The Clown rescue 
  • Rat Big - Eat by Krusty The Clown 
  • Mr. Pigeon - transformation Akumatized villains by Krusty The Clown 
  • Pizza Monsters - Step on by Krusty The Clown 
  • Blacque Jacque Shellacque - Step off by Krusty the Clown; Trapped by a sack big by Krusty The Clown 
  • Von Vultur - Hitting by a brick by Krusty The Clown 
  • Steak and Stan Stancko - Trapped by a chain by Krusty The Clown 
  • Zig - Punch by Krusty The Clown 

Places/Location Edit

Abounded Factory Studio

  • Lair castle
  • Plankton's Room
  • USA City (Asuka)
  • New York (Mr. Pigeon)
  • TBA


  • Krusty the Clown: Walk Exit Lair
  • Krusty the Clown: Open cage Keypad number 2971  Cartoons 
  • Shinnosuke Nohara: Okay 
  • Lynn jr: TBA
  • Bobby Santiago: TBA
  • (20 minutes later)
  • Chad and Mary Wendle: Clarence
  • Flop: Bing Bunny
  • Ladybug and Cat noir Go Exit 
  • Gumball and Dawin Go Gumball's House
  • TBA

Trivia Edit

  • The factory are villains letters in the room from Krusty The Clown Dogs Rescue and Krusty The Clown Cats Rescue, Krusty The Clown WWE DIVAS Rescue, Krusty The Clown Robots Rescue.
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