Kang and Kodos Saw Game

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The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Kang and Kodos! Help Kang and Kodos escape them!

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Anti-Heroes: Kang and Kodos

Kang Heroes Part: Lady Gaga, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson & Marge Simpson

Kang Villains Part: Pigsaw, Grinch, Hugo Simpson, Mutant Pumpkin, Spider Willy, Umbra & The Rake

Kang Anti-Villains: Unikitty & Sideshow Bob

Kang Other Part: Inkagames Winner

Kodos Heroes Part: Pohatu, Lewa, Bruno Mars, Inkagamer & Snowball II

Kodos Villains Part: Pigsaw, Zs'Skylar, Red Slime, Paper Dragon, Anaconda, Crows & Jumbo (Simpsons)

Kodos Anti-Villain: Harley Quinn

Kodos Other Part: Inkagames Winner

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