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Hello, and welcome to the Inkagames Fanon Wiki! This wiki is a place where you and other fans of Inkagames line can make up your own storyline involving other continuities.

The Inkagames Fanon Wiki is a place to put your Inkagames fanfictions. It is the companion site of Inkagames English Wiki.

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Where to start

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Para todos los fanáticos de Inkagames de habla hispana, hay un Wiki al que pueden unirse y editar, pero solo para aquellos que estén dispuestos a agregar cosas que estén relacionadas con Inkagames y con Fan-stuff. Si tiene un propósito y desea ayudar a que la Wiki crezca, agregue nuevos personajes y escriba sobre ellos, ingrese.

Sé que mucha gente habla español y quiere agregar cosas, así que esta es tu oportunidad de mostrarte y hacer algo bueno. Realmente espero que esto ayude.ñol

Featured Game

Cartoons Saw Game 5 Trailer.png The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Cartoons! Help Cartoons escape them again! Read more...

Featured Character

Squidward.png Squidward is a turquoise octopus with purple suction cups, yellow eyes with red pupils, dark turquoise liver spots on top of his head.

Squidward just wears a brown polo shirt.

Featured Villain

Scrapmetal Roft.png Scrapmetal, "the little one", is a Constructicon whose alternate mode is a Volvo excavator with a claw-like attachment attached to the end of its arm in place of a bucket. Read more...

Featured Blog

Stop logging please.png
Please ask for help to stop Giancarlo User because he Logging a lot to continue editing in our wiki because it was a ruin of my ideas because it makes me very angry what this user is doing wrong, also, we have to deny the entry of this annoying Italian and then prohibit him, this that we can block in entry because he is following me and we have to stop following me, please who can contact fandom Read more...