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Fan of Inkagames, welcome. You might know me. You play lots of my wicked games. And I am in there, to be corect I am the villain that kidnaps your favorite characters, that you and the other fans sugested. I am Pigsaw.

If you don't know me, let me just say I am a psyhotic, crazy puppet that haunts everyone and making them be better in their life. But I've never gotten a thanks.... I don't know why.

Anyway... I am here to play a game with you. No, not with video games or that PS3 or PS4 or even Xbox. No, I mean a game which you, my friend, will have to save yourself. You are now the rescuer of yourself.

Let me explain the rules. You are in a maze, where you have to get out, but be warn, I have placed many villains around, so it will be a bit hard. You will also recive helping tools. Are you capable to get out of here alive?



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