Plot Edit

The evil Two Thieves has kidnapped Asuka to force Giancarlo Lo Tito to play his twisted game,

trailer Edit

Location: Usa

Asuka: Look Tv Playing playstation 4

Thieves 2: A Window Open Jump

Thieves 1: Not whom Idea Plan

Thieves 1: The diabolic of Free Hand Grave Sack

Asuka: Play playstation 4 Win

Asuka: Fear Loud Look Down

Thieves 2: Hand Mugger Have Asuka

Thieves 2: Try in the Drop Asuka Sack

Thieves 1: Help Hand Rope Sack Thieve my

Thieves Twin: Run!!!!

Location: Italian

Giancarlo: Read Newpaper Asuka's Missing

Giancarlo: Look Newpaper Asuka's Missing Fear don't Mugger

Giancarlo: That's Away Asuka's House

Giancarlo: walk Asuka's House

Irma Gobb: Hello Giancarlo

Giancarlo: Hello Irma Gobb

(answer 1) Giancarlo: sweet Pie Cherry Talk

Giancarlo: Why Anna' cook Pie Cherry to Tolds

Irma Gobb: Fat Eat Pie Cherry Not!!!!!

(answer 2) Giancarlo: You Locked Window Lose Asuka's wanted

Giancarlo: Kidnapped A My Giancarlo' s Fan from the matter

Irma Gobb: A conceit with Window Open

Giancarlo: Think!!!!


Giancarlo: Very Good Asuka's Roomate Phone

Asuka: call number Phone with I want Phone Asuka

Giancarlo: The Irradiation yes Phone

Asuka: That's Life Asuka has had OK


Giancarlo: Escape unfair Quiet Asuka Missing?

Irma Gobb: Yes Loud can yet get tries

Irma Gobb: direct Like Very is Talk

Giancarlo: Ruesce Asuka As look Soon As Night Thieves 2 Evil. idea Do-To list!

  • Trailer Card

Character Edit

Hero: Giancarlo Lo Tito

Captive: Asuka Chan

Villains: Dog evil, Female Traffic Office, Stormtrooper (Count 10),Darth Vader, Abrasive SpongeBob, Aloysius Animo, Shadow Jaller, Norm the Robot, Two Thieves (Mr.Bean Series Animate), Bob the Bulldog (guard Man).

Others: Ian Solo, marky (Oggy and the cockroaches), Kairi Sane, Kairi Sane's Dog, Branar (Skrall Sword), Spongebob, Mrs. Wicket's Friend, Irma Gobb,Derpguy109 (mentioned).

Triva Edit

rescue List Edit

  • Hook Rob
  • Glove Ironman
  • Kairi Sane Drive Car
  • Edge knife
  • Marky Grave Asuka
  • Hammer
  • Ladder
  • Batman Gun Hook
  • Broadaxe cut Tree
  • Pass Loop
  • help Irma Gobb Skrall Sword
  • Dress-Up Camera (gadget) only Supergirl Picture
  • Glove boxer



  • Asuka's Huose (outslide)
  • Asuka's Huose Window open (Lift)
  • Asuka's Living
  • Asuka's Game room
  • Asuka's Bedroom Safe keypad close Locked/ Safe keypad open Robe fishing, tennis table racket.
  • Asuka's Hallway door Locked\ key open Door Asuka's House
  • City Usa (Kairi Sane in City Usa)
  • City Usa park (Dog evil in City Usa park)
  • Junk shop
  • junk shop room

Londra city (Mr.Bean)

  • the park
  • Park dog (Aloysius Animo and Fear Dog' s Kairi Sane in park)
  • Irma Gobb's Huose
  • Irma Gobb's Living/Kitchen
  • Irma Gobb's Homeless room Close door/ Key card open door Homeless room
  • City Londra (Female Traffic Office and Mrs. Wicket's Friend walk slow in City Londra)
  • Shop food

Star wars Planet

  • Starkiller Base
  • Naboo (Stormtroopers doorman in Naboo)
  • Castle' s Darth Vader
  • planet grass
  • Castle's Planet grass (Shadow Jaller in Castle's Planet grass)

Thives Lair

  • Thieves Lair (Outslide)
  • Lair Ladder
  • Lair Vent open
  • Lair sever to door
  • Lair elevator close/ Oil open elevator
  • thieves Lair room (Thieves and Asuka mouth mute Sit Chair tied by a rope In Thieves lair room)
  • Giancarlo and Asuka: Lair Roof Giancarlo gave Ladder
  • Asuka: Lair guard Man (Bob's guard Man in Lair guard)
  • Giancarlo and Asuka: woods river

Deaths/Defeats Edit

  • Dog evil - Hitting Bone
  • Female Traffic Office - A Look Fear signal Slow walk Mrs. Wicket's Friend
  • Stormtrooper (Count 10)- Throw oil Blowing Ball
  • Darth Vader - Decapitated by  Bomb
  • Abrasive SpongeBob - Hitting Robe Fishing
  • Aloysius Animo - Hit Balloon Water, Kite Mirror Laster Burn
  • Shadow Jaller - scissors cut rope bridge Fall Trap
  • Norm the Robot - Giancarlo talk Fuck!! - Help Irma Gobb Supergirl Skrall Sword cut Just Throw Norm the Robot
  • Thieve 1: Boxer Punch
  • Thieve 2: Peel Banana Fall, Glasses Laser Thieve 2 Hide Window Glass broke, Thieves 2 Pill sleep.
  • Bob: Asuka throw Marky Bob Fear run!!

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