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The evil villains has kidnapped Derpguy109 Help Giancarlo Lo Tito and Asuka rescue him! 

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Characters  Edit

Hero: Giancarlo Lo Tito and Asuka (WWE) 

Victim: Deroguy109

Asuka's Villain Part: Cookie Giant, Exterminator (The Loud House), Leotard Devil,  Muscle Man. Evil, Dragon japans, Black Phantom (Hero Factory), Gorilla, Noodle Cup Monster (Rovi23 Saw Game), Poltergeist Pat, Slime Monster (The Kabuki Warriors Saw Game).

Giancarlo Lo Tito Villains Part: Goomba, Evil Turtle, Virus Giant, Ryuk, Bill (Kill Bill), Snake Four-handed Cockroach, Eriol Hiiragizawa (Cardcaptor Sakura), Shinnosuke Nohara.Exe, Wicked Witch of the West, Queen Beryl, Yandere-chan, Minotaur, Mummy (Obama Van Helsing), Xingo (Ben 10), Samara, Killer Croc.

Asuka's Others Part: Inkagame Winner, Vicente, Spider, Starla (Regular Show), Mr.Dog (Pig Peppa), Batman (Teen Titans Go!), Bull (Shaun The Sheep), Kairi Sane (end)

Giancarlo Lo Tito's Helper/Others Part: Inkagame Winner, MagicManMo, Hiroshi Nohara (Shin Chan Saw Game), Cyborg, Young Bean, Earth Chan, Gandalf, Light Yagami, Shaun The Sheep (mentioned), Christopher Lubrano, Teddy (Mr.Bean), Kairi Sane (end).

Triva Edit

  • End the Game: Kairi Sane trapper by Cage Giancarlo and Asuka that's died Derpguy Punches Giancarlo and Asuka to prank?

Deaths/Defeats Edit

  • Goomba - Helper Inkagame Winner Hit by Hammer
  • Evil Turtle - shot with assault rifle
  • Virus Giant - killed by engergy

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