Fireboy and Watergirl Saw Game


Pigsaw forces Fireboy and Watergirl to play his evil game.

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Heroes: Fireboy and Watergirl

Fireboy's Villains Part: Pigsaw, Pigface, Radley Madish, Jaggy (Corrector Yui), Degrogak, Visorak, Irma Gobb evil, Hogi evil & Robot of Pinkfong.

Watergirl's Villains Part: Pigsaw, Pigface, cheese Monster, Zach Watterson, Lord Slug, three bullies (Kearney, Dolph, Jimbo),  Shuan the Sheep.Exe, PopularMMO'S.Exe, Noodle cup Monster & Grime.

Fireboy's Others part: Inkagames Winner, Abraham Simpson & Dog.

Watergirl's Other part: inkagames Winner, Titeuf (Titeuf Saw Game), Kairi Sane, Inkagame Winning, Bizter, Farmer, Peter Man.



Fireboy's Villains Deaths/Defeat

  • Radley Madish - Kamehameha
  • Jaggy - Hitting Rock big
  • Degrogak - Punch Boxer
  • Visorak - Throw vase with Hakann run Warp star fly
  • Irma Gobb evil - shoe scorpion attack foot Irma Gobb Fear
  • Hogi evil - MAX Power Kamehameha
  • Robot of Pinkfong - Destroyed by soda

Watergirl's Villains Deaths/Defeat

  • cheese Monster - Helper Titeuf packfire Burning
  • Zach Watterson - lighning defeaded
  • Lord Slug - Blow by a dynamite
  • three bullies - Helper Dog evil Fear three bullies
  • Shuan the Sheep Exe - wet soda gun shot wire lighting Destroyed
  • PopularMMO'S.Exe - Hitting ice cream, burning
  • Noodle cup Monster - Noodle cup Monster run Jetpack up Helper Kairi Sane eat Noodle Cup Monster
  • Grime - Blow by a Guided bomb
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