Discovery Kids Saw Game

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The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Discovery Kids! Help Discovery Kids escape them!


Location: Discovery Kids Studio

  • Pigface: Pigsaw gave me orders to kidnap the Discovery Kids characters! Let's get down to business
    • Pigface enters the studio*
  • *Red, B1 And B2, Curious George, Lampo, Twilight Sparkle, Pacman And Optimus Prime are surprised to see Pigface in the studio*
  • Red: Pigface, what are you doing here?
  • Pigface: Stand back! Pigsaw gave me orders to kidnap all of you!
  • Pacman: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Please don't kidnap us
  • Pigface: Tough break for the 8 of you! I'm going to kidnap you all by spraying sleeping gas on the 8 of you in 3, 2, 1, 0
  • (Pigface sprays the Discovery Kids gang with sleeping gas) 
  • 30 Minutes Later
  • Optimus Prime: What happened? Where are we? 
  • Pigsaw: Hello Red, B1 and B2, Curious George, Lampo, Twilight Sparkle, Pacman & Optimus Prime
  • Answer 1: Curious George: Are you the one who kidnapped Ted and forced me to play your game?
  • Curious George: Are You The One Who Kidnapped Ted And Forced Me To Play Your Game?
  • Pigsaw: Yes George! Don't You Remember?
  • Answer 2: Lampo: I Remember The Time Where You Kidnapped Me, Milady, Meatball, And Pilou, And Had To Escape From You
  • Lampo: I Remember The Time Where You Kidnapped Me, Milady, Meatball, And Pilou, And Had To Escape From You 
  • Pigsaw: Yes
  • Answer 3: What do you want? 
  • Twilight Sparkle: What do you want?
  • Pigsaw: I want to play a game
  • B1 and B2: What kind of game?
  • Pigsaw: You see, Red, you are bossy, poor at stress and anger management, and you're perhaps the most dedicated on protecting the Eggs from being captured by the Pigs.
  • Pigsaw: B1 And B2, you 2 are shown to be very hardworking, cleaning up the beach and running the beach patrol.
  • Pigsaw: George,You are excessively curious and you often cause unintentional problems,
  • Pigsaw: Lampo, you are the lead singer and guitarist of the Buffycats,
  • Pigsaw: Twilight,You are the most intellectual member of the Mane Six who leads them during their adventures and you help resolve your friends' differences,
  • Pigsaw: Pacman, you are described by some as the last of the yellow Pac-People on Pac-World.
  • Pigsaw: And Optimus Prime, you are a Cybertronian, an extraterrestrial species of sentient self-configuring modular robotic lifeforms (e.g.: cars and other objects), a synergistic blend of biological evolution and technological engineering.
  • Pigsaw: Now, here are the rules: You 8 are locked in a maze and your objective is to find the exit and escape, but both of you be careful, because on the way, all of you will encounter villains and traps to face
  • Pigsaw: Will Red, B1 And B2, Curious George, Lampo, Twilight Sparkle, Pacman, And Optimus Prime be able to escape from this maze?
  • Pigsaw: Live or Die, Make your choice
  • All: Help us escape! 
  • Trailer Card


Heroes: Red (Angry Birds Toons), B1 and B2, Curious George, Lampo, Twilight Sparkle, Pacman & Optimus Prime

Red Villains Part: Bad Piggies & Zeta

Red Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Chuck, Terence, Stella & Bomb

B1 and B2 Villain Part: Morgan (Bananas In Pyjamas)

B1 and B2 Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Amy, Lulu, A Rat in a Hat & Topsy the Kangaroo

Curious George Villains Part: Toots And The Germettes, Junior, Danno Wolfe, Ivan, Mr. Bloomsberry, Mrs Plushbottom, Dark Betsy, & Calhoun

Curious George Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Hundley, Compass, Jumpy Squirrel, Gnocchi, Charkie, Bill's Bunnies, The Doorman, Professor Wiseman, Chef Pisgetti and Netti, The Renkins, Marco, Allie, Bill, Steve And Betsy, Mr. Glass, Dinwoodie, Mr. Zoobel, Mr. And Mrs. Quint, Benjy And Willy, Bruno, Doxie, Fluffy, Geoffrey, Leslie, Little Mike, Lucky, Oscar, Sue Berm, Tracy, Ada And Luke, Andie, Stig, And Stew, Vicky And Vinny, Cayley, Dorothy, Dr. Alvin Einstein, Dr. Baker, Dr. Ghesund, Dr. Raj Desai, Grocer, Gwen And Sisly, Mr. Auger, Mrs. Dulson, Mr. Reloj, Mrs. D, Mr. Ruffweek, Professor Anthony Pizza, Rodney, Uncle Tam, The Zucchinis, & Dog Trainer Man.

Lampo Villains Part: Winston, Boss, Blister & Scab

Lampo Other Part: Inkagames Winner, Milady, Meatball & Pilou

Twilight Sparkle Villains Part: Nightmare Moon, Grogar, King Sombra, Daybreaker, Demon Sunset Shimmer, Tirek, The Dazzlings, The Pony Of Shadows (Stygian's Alter Ego), Cozy Glow, Midnight Sparkle, Gloriosa Daisy, & Queen Chrysalis

Twilight Sparkle Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Spike, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Discord, The Young Six, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, Shining Armor, Flurry Heart, Princess Ember, & King Thorax

Pacman Villains Part: Lord Betrayus, The Ghost Gang, Pinky, Blinky, Pacinator, Inky, Dr. Pacenstein, Buttler, & Specter (Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures)

Pacman Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Cylindria & Spiral (Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures)

Optimus Prime Villains Part: Doctor Thaddeus Morocco, Vigil & MorBot

Optimus Prime Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Blurr, Chief Charlie Burns & Asuka



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