Derpguy109 vs Giancarlo Lo Tito and Kabuki Warriors


The evil Giancarlo, Asuka and Kairi has kidnapped Derpguy109's Friends to force Derpguy109, help Derpguy Defeat Giancarlo Lo Tito and Kabuki Warriors Attack



Anti-Hero: Derpguy109

Victims: Kitty, Lurii, Redded, Eris, Tulian & Berry.

Heroes: Lidsay Lohan, Nikki Cross, Yui Kasuga, Sakura Kinomoto, Misato Katsuragi, Larry The Lobster, Asuka Sōryū Langley, Bobby Santiago, Lori Loud, Bizter, The Farmer, Ben 10, Hops (The Loud House), Asuka (Wwe), Kairi Sane & Giancarlo Lo Tito

Villains: Jetbug, Skipjack, Pepsi Cup Monster, Gelatin Monster, Blackout, Pizza meatball Monster, Red Slime, Iron Monger, Hightower, Devcon, Homer Simpson.Exe, Burger Monster, M&M's Monster, Nitroblast, Elemental Beast & Maxilos.

Others: Bowser (SMG4/Only Voice).

Helpers: 7ubchegue, Wario, Spongebob, Mario (SMG4), Optimus Prime (Transformers Prime), Nature Cat, The Little Prince, Iron Man, Bart Simpson, Tito, Donkey Kong & Pinkfong.



  • Jetbug - Hitting Stone
  • Skipjack - Helper 7ubchegue Gun shot
  • Pepsi Cup Monster - Trapped by Hole
  • Gelatin Monster - Helper Wario eat Gelatin Monster
  • Blackout - Hitting Power
  • Pizza meatball Monster - Helper Spongebob eat Pizza Meatball Monster
  • Red Slime - Burning
  • Iron Monger - Destroyed by Energy
  • Hightower - Hitting Stone
  • Devcon - Lighting Sword
  • Homer Simpson.Exe - Helper Mario Destroyed by Burning
  • Burger Monster - Lighting
  • M&M's Monster - Lighting
  • Nitroblast - Helper Optimus Destroyed by Energy
  • Elemental Beast - Blast Fire
  • Maxilos - hitting Vase
  • Lidsay Lohan - Helper Nature Cat Kick Lidsay Lohan 
  • Nikki Cross - Smash a dynamite
  • Yui Kasuga - Helper The Little Prince Sword Kill Yui Kasuga
  • Sakura Kinomoto - Destroyed by Power
  • Misato Katsuragi - Destroyed by Burning
  • Larry The Lobster - Helping Iron Man Blast shot
  • Asuka Sōryū Langley - Hitting Bomb
  • Bobby Santiago - Using Flame Turing Skeleton by Bobby Santiago
  • Lori Loud - Stakeborad slip
  • Bizter - Helper Bart Simpson Gun Shot
  • The Farmer - Burning
  • Ben 10 - Destroyed by Power
  • Hops - Helping Tito Explote a mini Bomb
  • Asuka - Helper Donkey Kong Punch Asuka chan
  • Kairi Sane - Helper Pinkfong Htting Posion Oil and Burning
  • Giancarlo Lo Tito - Htting Power turning Octopus

Deaths/Defeats loser YouEdit


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