Derpguy109 Discovery Kids Rescue


The characters of the Favorite series for Derpguy109 have been kidnapped by the evil villains! Help him rescue them!


Location: B1 and B2's House

  • Vezok: he he kidnapped B1 and B2

Location: Ted Shackleford's apartment

  • Danno Wolfe: he he Kidnapped George Monkey

Location: 44 Cats's House

  • Winston: he he kidnapped Lampo

Location: Bedroom's Twilight

  • Nightmare Moon grab kidnapped Twilight

Location: Pacman's House

  • Specter: he he kidnapped Pacman
  • Specter run

Location: City future

  • Megatron: He he Kidnapped Optimus prime
  • Megatron jump get ground

Location: Lazy town

  • Robbie Rotten Grab kidnapped Sportacus

Location: ?

  • Tuma Captures Zak
  • Tuma escape run

Location: ?

  • (Scrapmetal was not speaking kidnapped Rob the Robot)

Location: Jammbo

  • Overload grab Bello abounded Helper!

Location: Moonflower

  • Hanazuki Trap by hole
  • Big Bad for prank free try

Location: Tito's House

  • Krakonn Doll: he he kidnapped tito

Location: Ollies and Moon's House

  • Makuta Triglax: let don't plan
  • Makuta Triglax grab kidnapped Ollie and Moon

Location: Clubhouse

  • Krakonn appears
  • (Krakonn was not speaking kidnapped Doki)

Location: Discovery Kids Studio 

  • Krakonn: Ha ha ha i'll kidnapped all of them
  • (Discovery Kids characters trapped by a cage)

Location: Derpguy109's House

  • Derpguy: I'll be to see a picture 
  • (Looking the picture to Discovery Kids characters trapped by a cage) 
  • Derpguy: The evil Krakonn? 
  • Derpguy: I'll go to Rescue my favorite Discovery Kids series
  • 30 Minutes Later
  • Derpguy: I'll inside the studio
  • Derpguy: The evil Krakonn has kidnapped all of them! 
  • Trailer Card


Hero: Derpguy109

Victims: B1 and B2, Curious George, Lampo, Twilight Sparkle, Pacman, Optimus Prime, Sportacus, Zak, Rob the Robot, Bello, Hanazuki, Tito, Ollie and Moon, Doki.

Villains: Vezok (Bananas in Pyjamas Saw Game), Toots And The Germettes, Junior, Danno Wolfe, Winston (44 Cats), Scab, Nightmare Moon, King Sombra, The Dazzlings, Specter (Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures), Doctor Thaddeus Morocco, Vigil, MorBot, Megatron, Robbie Rotten, Tuma, Scrapmetal, Overload, Big bad, Krakonn Doll, Makuta Triglax, Krakonn.

Others: Inkagames Winner, Hulk (Glove/Cameo), Amy, Lulu, A Rat in a Hat, Topsy the Kangaroo, Ted Shackleford, Milady, Pilou, Metaball, Rarity, Spike, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Cylindria, Spiral (Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures), Blurr, Chief Charlie Burns, Cody burns (Transformers Rescue bots), Ziggy, Stingy, Trixie, Pixel, Stephanie, Mina, Rita, Goomo, Ongo, Hemka, Budin, Joanina, Belvis, Alpiste, Lufa, Muda/Mudi, Octavio, Puga, Gabi, Otto, Fico, Annabella & Mundi.


  • B1 and B2's House
  • Ted Shackleford's apartment
  • 44 Cats's House
  • City (My Little Pony)
  • Pacman's House
  • City Future
  • Lazy Town
  • Jammbo
  • Moonflower
  • Tito's House
  • Ollie and Moon's House
  • Clubhouse
  • Krakonn's Castle


  • Vezok - Hitting shot
  • Toots And The Germettes - lightning
  • Danno Wolfe - Hitting stone and shot  
  • Junior - Hitting Rock 
  • Winston - Trapped by net
  • Scab - Hulk Glove Punch
  • Nightmare Moon - Destroyed by Power
  • King Sombra - destroyed by Power
  • The Dazzlings - the radio is destroyed
  • Specter - Trapped by glass
  • Doctor Thaddeus Morocco - Trapped by Cage
  • Vigil - Pistol Shoot
  • MorBot - Destroyed by bomb
  • Megatron - weapon shot
  • Robbie Rotten - Hitting Rock
  • Tuma - banana slip
  • Scrapmetal - Destroyed by Energy
  • Overload - shot Stone
  • Big bad - Destroyed by power
  • Krakonn Doll - Hitting cold water
  • Makuta Triglax - Destroyed by this weapon
  • Krakonn - Trapped by Glass

Deaths/Defeats you LoseEdit

  • Vezok - Shot by Derpguy109
  • Toots And The Germettes - hit by bowling ball gold by Derpguy109
  • Junior -  Hitting mini-Bomb By Derpguy109
  • Danno Wolfe -  Trapper by Sack By Derpguy109 
  • Winston - Taking by Derpguy109
  • Scab - Attack by Derpguy109
  • Nightmare Moon -  Turned into a stone by Derguy109
  • King Sombra - Destroyed by Power by Derpguy109
  • The Dazzlings - Taking by Derpguy109
  • Specter - Attack by Derpguy109
  • Doctor Thaddeus Morocco - Hitting mini-Bomb By Derpguy109
  • Vigil - Hitting by trash can By Derpguy109
  • MorBot - Trap By Hole Derpguy109
  • Megatron -  Destroyed by a Power by Derpguy109
  • Robbie Rotten - Iceberg by Derpguy
  • Tuma - Destroyed by a power by Derpguy109
  • Scrapmetal - Shot derpguy109
  • Overload - Grab Derpguy109
  • Big bad - Destroyed by Power derpguy109
  • Krakonn Doll - Attack by Derpguy109
  • Makuta Triglax - Shot derpguy109
  • Krakonn - Two blades arms kill derpguy109

Start the gameEdit

Derpguy: ok let's defeat Krakonn 

Derpguy gets vacuum, bomb and matchbox 

Derpguy open the matchbox  to get matchstick  

Derpguy to hold a matchstick to burn 

Derpguy go right 

Detpguy Get: Ball, Pistol, Ladder, Oil. 

Derpguy talk to inkagames winner

Derpguy: Hi

Derpguy: Why are you happy? 

Inkagames Winner: Because it's happy

Derpguy: What country from:

Inkagames Winner: New york 

Derpguy: Wait a minute, you survived the destruction of New York that the Makuta that destroyed the city 

Inkagames Winner: No 

Derpguy: ok 

Inkagames Winner: Because are four objects 

Derpguy: go down

Derpguy talk to Amy

Derpguy: Hello amy

Amy: Hello Derp

Derpguy: wath do you

Amy: The evil Vezok has Kinndaped B1 and B2

Derpguy: Who is Vezok

Amy: he was a blue monster with blue thorns and red eyes very feared

Derpguy: I should be a Piraka

Amy: it is it is

Derpguy: ok

Derpguy talk to Lulu

Derpguy: Hello Lulu

Lulu: Hello Derp

Derpguy: What happened Lulu: What happens these two bananas have been kidnapped by the evil Vezok

Derpguy: ok i will rescue them

Lulu: Thank you

Derpguy Talk to A Rat in a Hat

Derpguy: Hello

Rat: Hello young

Derpguy: You are working

Rat: No

Derpguy: Ok

Derpguy talk to Topsy the Kangaroo

Derpguy: Hello Topsy

Topsy: Hello boy

Derpguy: What happened to you

Topsy: B1 and B2 have been kidnapped by the evil blue spined monster

Derpguy: is Vezok

Topsy: Thanks Derp

Derpguy: ok, I am rescue of my favorite and Non-Favorite

Topsy: Ok Derp

Derpguy: Thanks

Derpguy goes to the place

Vezok: Ha ha ha, you came derp, it's time for your revenge

Derpguy: Never

Derpguy shot by Pistol a Weapon to Vezok

Vezok disappear

B1: Thank you, Derp

Derp: Thank you

B2: If you to defeat the villain to rescue all of them

(B1 and B2 to walk outside) 

Derpguy get the coins

Derpguy go left

Derpguy give coins to inkagames winner 

Derpguy: Hey i got the coins

Inkagames Winner: Thank you 

Inkagames Winner: I give a power, hammer, stones & lightning 

Derpguy go left

Derpguy enter apartament

Derpguy talk To Ted Shackleford

Derpguy: Hello Ted

Ted: Hello Derp

Derpguy: what's up sir yellow

Ted: What happened is that my monkey Jorge was lost and someone was kidnapped

Derpguy: and this that he left

Ted: Yes, you can find it and rescue it

Derpguy: Ok

Safe Keypad Numer Password 1234

Derpguy Used: Hulk Glove, Hook, Salt.

Ted: Thank You Safe open

Ted: Go Exit door

Derpguy Go exit

Toots And The Germettes: Fence fence fence, we will see this very accusing young man with the internet

Derpguy: Who you think you are

Toots And The Germettes: that you have come to defeat me

Derpguy: You will never make me finish

Derpguy: I am Derpguy109 because I am the rescuer of my Favorite and non-favorite series

Toots And The Germettes: You think you can beat me

Derp throws Toots And The Germettes with the ball

Toots And The Germettes Dissapears

Derpguy: ok, let's continue

Derpguy Used: Bomb, Pill To dwarf.

Derpguy goes to the other side

Junior: Ja ja ja, Derpguy

Derpguy: JUNIOR

Junior: you came to rescue this monkey

Derpguy: you had to counterattack me

Derpguy: Look at a turaga

Junior: Where?

Derp Hitting rock to Junior

Junior Dissapears

Derpguy: We must rescue the monkey, it is not here

Derpguy goes to the other side

Danno Wolfe: He he he Derp

Danno Wolfe: you just came to rescue Jorge

Derpguy: Never again

Danno Wolfe: you overcome to rescue this monkey

Derpguy shot with weapon with zamor to Danno Wolfe

Danno disapears

Derpguy109 Go Right Door Close Keypad

Ted: Thank you for helping Derpguy

Ted: You'll rescue all of them

​​​​​(Ted Shackleford walk outside) 

Derpguy get Net

Derpguy go down

Derpguy109  get Ladder tree climb up

Derpguy109 Geting Kite and Ball for Pistol 

Derpguy talk Milady 

Derpguy: Hi milady

Milady: Hi derpguy

Derpguy: what happened to lampo

Milady: TBA



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