Derpguy109 Christian Aishite And Longcrawl Rescue


the evil Jigsaw has kidnapped Christian's Family Help Derpguy109 to rescue them!

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Derpguy109 (is set to be redisigned for his Derpguy109 Goes to Just Shapes and Beats)

Kidnaped CharactersEdit

Lola (Grandmother of Christian)

Gardevoir And Some Pokemons (Of Christian's Family)

Sonic Doll (Doll created by Christian)

Christian Aishite (Slime kid Son Of Longcrawl)

Longcrawl (StepMother of Christian)


Emperor of Demise (Kobayashi San Chi No Dragon Maid)

Dr Eggman And Robotnik (Sonic Generations)

Plackton (Spongebob)

Patrick (Comic the secret of the krabby patty's)

Gorefield (Garfield Gameboy'd)

Cartoon Cat (Trevor Henderson)

El Chupa Cabras


Giant Ham And Ketchup Sandwich

Herobrine (Minecraft)

Thanos (Avengers)

Tenpenny (Gta San Andreas)

Spike (Tom And Jerry)

Slime Monster

Lou (Uglydolls)

Master Frown (Unikitty!)


Pigface ( Pigsaw servant! )

Cell (dragon ball)


Tinky Tank (Slendytubbies)


Krusty Doll (The Simpsons)


Lincoln Loud And Lola Loud (The Loud House)

Jeff The Killer

Sideshow Bob (The Simpsons)

Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

Freddy Krueger (Nightmare in elm st)

901yugpreD (Bionicle)


The Chaotic Team

Alex (Minecraft)

Professor Frink


Ian And Anthony

Mr Peterson (Hello Neighbor!)

Charlie and vaggie (Hazbin Hotel)

Spongebob SquarePants!

Tyke (Spike's Son)

Spike (After defeating him)

Tahu (Bionicle Series)

Places/Location Edit

Derpguy109 House

Slenderman Forest

Maze Outside Door

Maze Inside

Slendytubbies House

Angel Island

Ring Special Zones

Maze End

Jeff the killer house

The White House

The Loud Family House

Christian's House

Christian's Garage

Unikitty World

Dead Forest

Final Room


Plackton: Died by a fly swatter

Gorefield: Died by chaos esmeralds

Dr Eggman And Robotnik: Defeated by the help of the chaotic team

Patrick: Defeated after spongebob calmed him

Cartoon cat: Died by spike and his son

El Chupa Cabras: Died by bear trap

Spike: Defeated by giving his son back

Big Foot: Died by chainsaw

Giant Ham And Ketchup Sandwich: Died by the fire trower

Herobrine: Defeated by the power of love of alex

Thanos: Died by the excalibur sword

Tenpenny: Died by making himselft suicide

Slime Monster: Defeated After calming him whit a music box

Lou: Defeated after cutting her eye off

Master Frown: Defeated By Spike attack

Cell: Died by a trowning rock

Terrorist: Defeated after a gun fight

Tinky Tank: Died by Spike and gun

Slenderman: Died by Jeff the killer

Jeff the killer: Died by Slenderman

Krusty Doll: Defeated after trowning him a rock

Lincoln And Lola: Defeated after thunder shot of pikachu

Sonic.exe: Defeated after trowning him holy water and putting a cross in front of him

Sideshow Bob: Died by the surprise music box

Jason Voorhees: Died By Freddy

Freddy Krueger: Died by Jason

901yugpreD: Dissapeared after corrupting him

Final Boss Emperor of Demise: Defeated after using all your avalible characters


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