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Derpguy109 Cartoon Rescue

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The evil Lincoln Loud has kidnapped Derpguy109's Series favorites! Help Derpguy Stop him!


Location: Derpguy's House

Derpguy: I'll fresh

derpguy: I'll inside

Christopher talk to derpguy

Christopher: Hi derp

Derpguy: Hi Christopher Lubrano

Christopher Lubrano: Characters from your series Favorites has been kidnapped by Evil villains

Christopher: If you want to rescue cartoons look tv

(Hex was not kidnapped Ben 10)

Bluto: Kidnapped Popeye

(Winson was not speaking kidnapped 44 Cats)

Romeo Captures Pj Masks Team

Hydraxon: kidnapped Tahu

(Sideshow bob was not speaking kidnapped Simpson Family)

(Happy Chapman was not kidnapped Garfield)

(Amity was not speaking kidnapped Luz Noceda)

Aunt Grandma: Kidnapped Uncle Grandpa

(Doofenshimirtz was not speaking kidnapped Phineas and Ferb)

Orangussnake: Kidnapped Mao Mao

Ice King: Kindnapped Finn the human

DoddleBob: Kidnapped Spongebob

(Lord Dakar was not kidnapped speaking Winx Club team)

(Frezzer was not kidnapped speaking Goku)

(Cell was not Kidnapped speaking Vegetta)

Sir Pentious: Kidnapped Charlie

(Megatron was kidnapped speaking Optimus Prime)

(Larry Quinn was not speaking kidnapped Cat in the Hat)

Grime: Kidnapped anne

Makuta Triglax: Kidnapped Ollie and Moon

(Golden Bones was not speaking kidnapped Zak)

(Overload was not speaking kidnapped Bello)

(Big Bad was not speaking kidnapped Hanazuki)

(Krakonn doll was not speaking kidnapped Tito)

Krakonn: Kidnapped doki

Drizelda and Freddie: Kidnapped Tom and Jerry

(Joker was not speaking kidnapped Batman)

(destroyer of  Worlds was not speaking kidnapped Mordecaia and Rigby)

(Zarch Watterson was not speaking kidnapped Gumball and Darwin)

(Hightower was not speaking kidnapped Nature Cat)

(Devcon was not speaking kidnapped Little Prince)

(Adam Taurus was not speaking kidnapped Ruby Rose)

(Mutran was not kidnapped speaking Pat the dog)

(Gorast was not kidnapped speaking Jewel Sparkles)

Rampage: Kidnapped Zack and Quack

(Grindor was kidnapped speaking Julius)

(The Grandinquisitor was not speaking kidnapped Erza)

Scrapmetal: Kidnapped Rob the robot

Zemerik: Kidnapped Vert Wheeler

(Black Phantom was not speaking kidnapped Hero Factory Team)

(Mixmaster was not kidnapped Bob the Builder)

King K. Rool: Kidnapped Donkey kong

(Thanos was not speaking kidnapped Iron man)

(Major Nixel was not speaking kidnapped Flain)

(Fenghuang was not speaking kidnapped Po)

(Shredder was not speaking kidnapped Raphael)

(Desiree was not speaking kidnapped Danny Phantom)

(Sir Fangar was not speaking kidnapped Laval)

(The Little Man was not speaking kidnapped Pink Phanter)

(Krika was not speaking Kidnapped Mike the Knight)

(Kudarax was not speaking kidnapped Pinkfong)

(Kite-Eating Tree was not speaking kidnapped Bunnicula)

Derpguy109: That kidnapped Cartoons

Christopher: Yes, Lincoln Loud has kidnapped your series favorites

Christopher: if you want to defeat the villains and rescue Cartoons

Derpguy: Ok

Derpguy: Help me rescue them!

Trailer card


Hero: Derpguy109

Victims: Ben 10, Popeye, 44 Cats, Pj.Masks, Tahu, Simpson Famliy, Garfield, Luz Noceda, Uncle Grandpa, Phineas, Ferb, Mao Mao, Finn the human, Spongebob, Winx Club Team, Goku, Vegeta, Charlie (Hazbin Hotel), Optimus Prime (Transformers Prime), Cat in the Hat, Anne Boonchuy, Ollie and Moon, Zak, Bello, Hanazuki, Tito, Doki, Tom and Jerry, Batman, Mordecai and Rigby, Gumball and Darwin, Nature Cat, Little Prince, Ruby Rose, Pat the Dog, Jewel Sparkles, Zack and Quack, Julius, Erza, Rob the Robot, Vert Wheeler, Hero Factory Team, Bob the Builder, Donkey Kong, Iron Man, Flain, Po, Rapahel, Danny Phantom, Laval, Pink Panther, Mike the Knight, Pinkfong & Bunnicula.

Villains: Carl Casagrandes, Hex, Xingo, Bluto, Scab, Wilson (44 Cats), Romeo, Hydraxon, Sideshow Bob, Happy Chapman, Dr. Whipple, Amity Blight, Aunt Grandma, Norm the Robot, Doofenshimirtz, Tiny Toad, Orangussnake, Ice King, DoddleBob, Trix, Lord Darkar, Freezer, Cell, Sir Pentious, Starscream (Transformers Prime), Megatron (Transformers Prime), Larry Quinn, Captain Grime, Triglax, Skullivar, Golden Bones, Overload, Big Bad, Krakonn Doll, Krakonn, Drizelda and Freddie (Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring), Joker (Batman), Destroyer of the worlds, Zach Watterson, Hightower, Devcon, Roman Torchwick, Adam Taurus, Mutran, Gorast, Rampage, Grindor, The Grandinquisitor, Srcapmetal, Zug, Zemerik, Black Phantom, Mixmaster, Long Haul, King K. Rool, Thanos, Major Nixel, Temutai, Ke-Pa, Fenghuang, Krang, Shredder, Dark Danny, Desiree, Sir Fangar, The Little Man, Krika, Kudarax, Kite-Eating Tree & Lincoln Loud.

Anti-Heroes: Giancarlo Lo Tito, Mr.Bean, Irma Gobb, Asuka Soryu Langley & Shinnosuke Nohara.

Others: Christopher Lubrano, Zombros engar, 7ubchegue & SMG4.

Helper: Deadskullable.



  • Italian; Potenza (Giancarlo Lo Tito and Shinnosuke Nohara)
  • Japan City (Asuka Soryu Langley)
  • Irma Gobb's House (Irma Gobb)
  • Mr.Bean's Room (Mr.Bean)
  • New York (Carl Casagrande)
  • Waterpark City (Hex)
  • coffee shop (Xingo)
  • Bluto's Place
  • Wilson's House (Scab and Wilson)
  • Romeo's Place
  • Hydraxon's Place
  • Sideshow Bob's House
  • Dr. Whipple's House (Happy Chapman and Dr. Whipple)
  • Hexside School of Magic and Demonics (Amity Blight)
  • Aunt Grandma's Place
  • Doofenshimirt's Castle (Norm the Robot & Doofenshimirtz)
  • Orangussnake's Airship (Tiny Toad & Orangussnake)
  • Ice King's Castle
  • DoddleBob's Place
  • Lord Dakar's Castle (Trix and Lord Darkar)
  • Earth (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Freezer's Castle (Cell and Freezer)
  • Decepticon Ship (Starscream and Megatron)
  • Larry Quinn's Place
  • Toad Tower (Captain Grime)
  • Makuta Triglax's Place
  • Seven Seas of the Bermuda Triangle (Skullivar & Golden Bones)
  • Overload's Place
  • Big Bad's Place
  • Mini-Mini (Krakonn Doll)
  • Metru-Nui (Krakonn)
  • Drizelda and Freddie's House
  • Joker's House
  • Destroyer of the Worlds' Castle
  • Zach Watterson's House
  • Hightower's Place
  • Chicago City (Devcon)
  • Lam Vien Square/Internet City (Roman Torchwick and Adam Taurus)
  • Mutran's Place
  • Gorast's Place
  • Rampage's Place
  • New Mexico (Grindor)
  • Imperial Palace (The Grandinquisitor)
  • Mission City (Scrapmetal)
  • Planet Shark (Zug)
  • Zemerik's Place
  • Hero Factory Universe (Black Phantom)
  • Long Haul's Place (Mixmaster and Long Haul)
  • King K. Rool's Castle
  • Thanos' Place
  • Nixel Land (Major Nixel)
  • Po's House (Temutai, Ke-Pa and Fenghuang)
  • Shedder's Place (Krang and Shredder)
  • Dark Danny's Place
  • Desiree's Place
  • Chima (Sir Fangar)
  • The Little Man's House
  • Krika's Place
  • Kudarax's Trone
  • Kite-Eating Tree's Place
  • The Loud Family's House (Lincoln Loud)


  • Giancarlo lo Tito - Eat somiferous Cake
  • Mr.Bean - Trapped by Hole
  • Irma Gobb - Trapped by Hole
  • Asuka Soryu Langley - Hitting Bomb
  • Shinnosuke Nohara - Slip sakeboard
  • Carl Casagrandes - Trapper by Cage
  • Hex - Killed by energy
  • Xingo - Trapped by a long rope gold
  • Bluto - Trapped by a cage
  • Scab - Eat Poison fish
  • Wilson - Trapped by a net
  • Romeo - Killed by energy Storm
  • Hydraxon - Hitting bomb
  • Sideshow Bob - Fell by a banana peel
  • Happy Chapman - Electrocution by a wires
  • Dr. Whipple - Hitting by a wooden board
  • Amity Blight - Trapped by a chain
  • Aunt Grandma - Fell by a skateboard
  • Norm the Robot - Hitting stone
  • Doofenshimirtz - Hitting by a stones
  • Tiny Toad - Hitting by a hammer
  • Orangussnake - Trappe by a cage
  • Ice King - Burning
  • DoddleBob - Trapped by a hole
  • Trix - Explosive Demon Wave, Destroyed by Power
  • Lord Darkar - Destroyed by a power
  • Freezer - Destroyed by a power
  • Cell - Destroyed by a power
  • Sir Pentious - Hitting by a golf club
  • Starscream - Destroyed by a power
  • Megatron - Destroyed by a power
  • Larry Quinn - Throw by a cake
  • Captain Grime - Hitting by a coconuts
  • Triglax - Destroyed by a power
  • Skullivar - Explode by a bomb
  • Golden Bones - Infinite glovet puch
  • Overload - Gun shot
  • Big Bad - Destroyed by a power
  • Krakonn Doll - Hitting water cold
  • Krakonn - Destroyed by a power
  • Drizelda and Freddie - Magic turned into a dogs
  • Joker - Gun Shoot Burning
  • Destroyer of the worlds - Destroyed by a power
  • Zach Watterson - used Hose By Water cold
  • Hightower - Hitting Bomb
  • Devcon - Destroyed by a power
  • Roman Torchwick - Hitting by a scepter
  • Adam Taurus - Hitting by a scepter
  • Mutran - Hitting Bomb
  • Gorast - Destroyed by a power
  • Rampage - Gun shot
  • Grindor - Destroyed by energy
  • The Grandinquisitor - Hitting bomb
  • Srcapmetal - Hitting bomb
  • Zug - Punch by Zug
  • Zemerik - rapped by a power
  • Black Phantom - Destroyed by a power
  • Mixmaster - Gun shot
  • Long Haul - Gun shot
  • King K. Rool - Trapped by a cage
  • Thanos - Destroyed by a power
  • Major Nixel - Hitting by a stones
  • Temutai - Trapped by a rope
  • Ke-Pa - Burning
  • Fenghuang - Traped by a rope
  • Krang - Electrocution by a wires
  • Shredder - Destroyed by a power
  • Dark Danny - Trapped by a vacuum
  • Desiree - Trapped by a vacuum
  • Sir Fangar - Trapped by a net
  • The Little Man - Hitting by a bowling ball
  • Krika - Gun shot
  • Kudarax - Destroyed by a power
  • Kite-Eating Tree - Trapped by a cage
  • Lincoln Loud - Help Deadskullable call police (but not from the loud house) Arrested Lincoln loud

Deaths/Defeats you Lose

  • Giancarlo lo Tito - Talk by derpguy109
  • Mr.Bean - Talk by Derpguy109
  • Irma Gobb - Talk by derpguy109
  • Asuka Soryu Langley - Talk by derpguy109
  • Shinnosuke Nohara - Talk by derpguy109
  • Carl Casagrandes - Trapper by Cage by derpguy109
  • Hex - Destroyed by power by derpguy109
  • Xingo - hit by Ice axe Derpguy109  
  • Bluto - Talk by Derpguy109
  • Scab - Attack by derpguy109
  • Wilson - Gun shoot Derpguy109
  • Romeo - Trapped by net by derpguy109
  • Hydraxon - Trapped by power by derpguy109
  • Sideshow Bob - Trapper by Sack Derpguy109
  • Happy Chapman - Talk by Derpguy109
  • Dr. Whipple - Tied by a handcuffs with hands with pole Derpguy109
  • Amity Blight - Trapped by Rope by derpguy109 
  • Aunt Grandma - Trapped by power by derpguy109
  • Norm the Robot - Grab by derpguy109
  • Doofenshimirtz - Trapped by cage by derpguy109
  • Tiny Toad - hit by stone by derpguy109  
  • Orangussnake - Punch by derpguy109
  • Ice King - Destroyed by Bast by derpguy109 
  • DoddleBob - Trapped by a hole by derpguy109
  • Trix - Sucker-punches Destroyed by a power by Derpguy109 
  • Lord Darkar -  Trapped by Energy
  • Freezer - Death Cannon by Derpguy109
  • Cell - 10x Kamehameha by Derpguy109
  • Sir Pentious - Turn to small by derpguy109 
  • Starscream - Trapped by power by derpguy109 
  • Megatron - Trapped by power by derpguy109
  • Larry Quinn - Talk by derpguy109 
  • Captain Grime - Hitting by a frisbee by Derpguy109 
  • Triglax - shot by Derpguy109
  • Skullivar - Taking by derpguy109 
  • Golden Bones - step by derpguy109
  • Overload - Grab by derpguy109
  • Big bad - Step jump on Derpguy109
  • Krakonn Doll - attack by Derpguy109
  • Krakonn - Step on Derpguy109
  • Drizelda and Freddie - step on by derpguy109
  • Joker - Trapped by hole by derpguy109
  • Destroyer of the worlds - Frame Truning Invisible by derpguy109
  • Zach Watterson - Magic turned into a Frog by derpguy109
  • Hightower - Grab by Derpguy109
  • Devcon - Gun shot by derpguy109
  • Roman Torchwick - Step on by derpguy109
  • Adam Taurus - Step on by derpguy109
  • Mutran - Grab by derpguy109
  • Gorast - Gun shot by derpguy109
  • Rampage - Gun shot by derpguy109
  • Grindor - Destroyed by Energy by derpguy109
  • The Grandinquisitor - hit by rock by derpguy109
  • Srcapmetal - Destroyed by Energy by derpguy109 
  • Zug - Talk by Derpguy109
  • Zemerik - Destroyed by energy by derpguy109
  • Black Phantom - Destroyed by power by derpguy109
  • Mixmaster - Gun shot by derpguy109
  • Long Haul - Destroyed by power by derpguy109
  • King K. Rool - Fly punch Destroyed by Power by Derpguy109
  • Thanos - Destroyed by snap by derpguy109 
  • Major Nixel - Trapped by net by derpguy109
  • Temutai - Punch by derpguy109
  • Ke-Pa - Talk by derpgu109
  • Fenghuang - punch by derpguy109
  • Krang - Gun shot by derpguy109
  • Shredder - trapped by cage by derpguy109
  • Dark Danny - Step on by derpguy109
  • Desiree - Step on by derpguy109
  • Sir Fangar - Trapped by power by derpguy109
  • The Little Man - Talk by Derpguy109
  • Krika - Gun shot by derpguy109 
  • Kudarax - Killed by energy storm by derpguy109
  • Kite-Eating Tree - eat by derpguy109
  • Lincoln Loud - Trapped by cage by derpguy109


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