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The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Ted Shackleford to force George Monkey to play his twisted game! Help George rescue his friend before it's too late

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Characters Edit

Hero: George Monkey

Victim: Ted Shackleford

Villians: Toots And The Germettes, Junior, Danno Wolfe, Ivan, Mr. Bloomsberry, Mrs Plushbottom, Dark Betsy, And Calhoun.

Others: Inkagames Winner, Hundley, Compass, Jumpy Squirrel, Gnocchi, Charkie, Bill's Bunnies, The Doorman, Professor Wiseman, Chef Pisgetti and Netti, The Renkins, Marco, Allie, Bill, Steve And Betsy, Mr. Glass, Dinwoodie, Mr. Zoobel, Mr. And Mrs. Quint, Benjy And Willy, Bruno, Doxie, Fluffy, Geoffrey, Leslie, Little Mike, Lucky, Oscar, Sue Berm, Tracy, Ada And Luke, Andie, Stig, And Stew, Vicky And Vinny, Cayley, Dorothy, Dr. Alvin Einstein, Dr. Baker, Dr. Ghesund, Dr. Raj Desai, Grocer, Gwen And Sisly, Mr. Auger, Mrs. Dulson, Mr. Reloj, Mrs. D, Mr. Ruffweek, Professor Anthony Pizza, Rodney, Uncle Tam, The Zucchinis, And Dog Trainer Man.

Trivia Edit

  • The player had to choose between three lines, which the Talk one can put him back in Bill not sad. But if clicked QUIT CONVERSATION, George with Talk be get Bill's sad.
  • this version of the Game Background banch chair is Classic brown Light it was sky don't buildin Phineas and Ferb - Monster Hunters.
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