Celebrities Saw Game 

Plot Edit

The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Criss Angel, Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Asuka, Kairi Sane, Bruno Mars, Becky Lynch, BTS & Billie Eilish! Help Celebrities escape them!

Trailer/Transcript Edit

Location: Home Recording Studio

  • Paris Hilton: We'll be recording of job.
  • Paris Hilton: Let's get inside.
  • (Celebrities with sleeping gas)
  • 30 Minutes Later
  • Charlie Sheen: What am i?
  • Criss Angel: Wait a second, This room that TV is...
  • Lindsay Lohan: OH NO! NOT AGAIN!
  • (TV Turn on)
  • Pigsaw: Hello Paris ,Hello Lady Gaga, Hello Criss, Hello Justin, Hello Charlie, Hello Lindsay,Hello Taylor, Hello Ariana ,Hello Asuka,Hello Kairi Sane,Hello Bruno Mars,Hello Becky,Hello BTS ,Hello Billie.
  • (Answer 1): Lady Gaga: Don't you get tired of makinng people play?
  • Pigsaw: Absolutely not.
  • Answer 2: Justin Bieber: Let everyone go and make me play alone.
  • Everyone: No, let everyone go and make me play alone.
  • Pigsaw: Ha ha ha, if i let everyone go she will feel really bad.
  • (Answer 3): Billie Eillish: What do you want?
  • Pigsaw: I want to play a game
  • Taylor Swift: Again? We get already the game...
  • Pigsaw: Well if play this one you guy gonna see your pets,girlfriends, group, boyfriends again.
  • Everyone: My(boyfriends) (Pets)(girlfriends)(group)?
  • Pigsaw: If you want to defeat the villains and find the exit
  • Pigsaw: Live or die, Make your choice!
  • (Celebrites Is Gone.)
  • Trailer Card

Characters Edit

Heroes: Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Criss Angel, Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Asuka, Kairi Sane, Bruno Mars, Becky Lynch, BTS, Billie Eillish, Nai jax,

Paris Hilton's Villains Part: Chucky, Samara Morgan, Witch, Michael Myers & Ghostface 

Paris Hilton's Other Part: Chris Zylka

Lady Gaga's Villains Part: Kang, Sideshow Bob, Penguin, Joker & Riddler 

Lady Gaga's Other Part: Taylor Kinney

Criss Angel's Villains Part: Tiger, Zombie Doctor, Zombie guard, Zombie riddler, Zombie athlete & Zombie Doofensmirtz

Criss Angel's Other Part: Inkagames Winner 

Justin Bieber's Villains Part: Giant Spider, Chuck Norris, Robot Rocky Balboa, Bizarro & Ronald McDonald 

Justin Bieber's Other Part: Selena Gomez

Charlie Sheen's Villains Part: Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Pyramid Head, Stewie Griffin & Teletubbies (evil) 

Charlie Sheen's Other Part: Brooke Mueller 

Lindsay Lohan Villains Part: Sammael, Police Women, Guard Dog, Watch Guard & Outside Guard

Lindsay Lohan's Other Part: Herbie

Taylor Swift's Villains Part: Big Bad Wolf, Maleficent, Evil Witch (old version), Scar & Hades

Taylor Swift's Others Part: Inkagames Winner & Meredith and Olivia (cats) 

Ariana Grande's Villains Part: The Mask, Mutant Vegetables, Animatronic Penguin, Green Goblin & Lord Voldemort

Ariana Grande's Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Toulouse, Cinnamon, Strauss, Lafayette, Pignoli, Myron, Snape & Lily

Asuka's Villains Part: Snake Jailbird, Cooler (Dragon Ball Z), Hex (Ben 10), WolfWrath & Crocodile (One Piece) 

Asuka's Others Part: Inkagames Winner.  

Kairi Sane's Villains Part: Shadow Jaller, Shark, Giant Crab, Robot Evil & Sonic.Exe

Kairi Sane Others Part: Inkagames Winner & Cheese (Kairi Sane's Dog) 

Bruno Mars' Villains Part: Frankenstein, Killer Croc, Licker, Octopus & Evil Chocolate 

Bruno Mars' Other Part: Inkagames Winner 

Becky Lynch' Villains Part: Gendo Ikari, SEELE, Dog Evil, The True Evil 

Becky Lynch' Other Part: Inkagame winner, Asuka Sōryū Langley, Shinji Ikari, Misato Katsuragi 

BTS's Villains Part: Zombies (Michael Jackson and two dancers), spider, serpent, giant butterfly 

BTS' Other Part: Inkagame winner & A.R.M.Y. 

Billie Eillish' Villains Part: Many zombie  

Billie Eilish' Other Part: Inkagame Winner 

Nai Jax' Villains Part: Yeti, Wilbur Huggins, Pie Monster.

Nai Jax' Others Part: Inkagame winner (Shin Chan Saw Game) & Dwayne Johnson

Sasha Bank' Villains Part: Peep (Regular show), Dog evil, Le grand myope, Copycat (Miraculous), Waffle Monster

Sasha Bank's Other Part: Inkagame winner & Sarath ton

Places/Area Edit

  • Chicago (Chucky)
  • Moesko Island (Samara Morgan)
  • Witch's Castle
  • Haddonfield, Illinois (Michael Myers)
  • Windsor College (Ghostface)
  • Howland Township (Chris Zylka)
  • Abandoned Building (Kang)
  • Opera House (Sideshow Bob)
  • Hideout (Penguin, Joker & Riddler)
  • U.S. Neffsville (Taylor Kinney)
  • Zoo (Tiger & Inkagames Winner)
  • Zombie Mansion (Zombie Doctor, Zombie Guard, Zombie Riddler, Zombie Athlete & Zombie Doofensmirtz)
  • Island (Giant Spider)
  • Park (Chuck Norris)
  • Boxing Ring (Robot Rocky Balboa)
  • Earth (Bizarro)
  • McDonalds (Ronald McDonald)
  • Selena Gomez's Home (Selena Gomez)
  • Camp Crystal Lake (Jason Voorhees)
  • Springwood, Ohio (Freddy Krueger)
  • Wood Side Apartments (Pyramid Head)
  • Griffin's House (Stewie Griffin)
  • Tubbytronic Superdome (Teletubbies evil)
  • Alany, New York, U.S. (Brooke Mueller)
  • Sammael's Castle
  • Police Station (Police Women, Guard Dog, Watch Guard, Outside Guard & Herbie)
  • Big Bad Wolf's Castle
  • The Forbidden Mountain (Maleficent)
  • The Queen's Castle (Evil Witch old version)
  • Pride Rock (Scar)
  • Underworld (Hades)
  • Taylor Swift's Home (Inkagames Winne & Meredith and Olivia)
  • Edge City (The Mask)
  • Vegetables Factory (Mutant Vegetables)
  • Snow (Animatronic Penguin)
  • Oscorp (Green Goblin)
  • Resting Chamber of Lord Voldemort (Lord Voldemort)
  • Boca Raton, Florida (Inkagames Winner, Toulouse, Cinnamon, Strauss, Lafayette, Pignoli, Myron, Snape & Lily)
  • Shop (Snake the Jailbird)
  • Big Gete Star (Cooler)
  • Earth (Hex)
  • Castle Dedede (WolfWrath)
  • Rainbase (Crocodile)
  • Asuka's House (Inkagames Winner)
  • Spherus Magna (Shadow Jaller)
  • Island (Shark & Giant Crab)
  • Robot Evil's Castle
  • Sonic Factory (Sonic.Exe)
  • Kairi Sane's House (Inkagames Winner & Cheese)
  • Frankenstein Castle (Frankenstein)
  • Sewer (Killer Croc)
  • West Office (Licker)
  • Ocean (Octopus)
  • Chocolate Factory (Evil Chocolate)
  • Los Angeles (Inkagames Winner)
  • Nerv Headquarters (Gendo Ikari & Shinji Ikari)
  • Tokyo (SEELE)
  • Limerick, Ireland (Dog Evil & Inkagames Winner)
  • The True Evil's Castle
  • Misato's Apartment (Asuka Sōryū Langley & Misato Katsuragi)
  • Cemetery (Zombies)
  • Forest (Spider, Serpent & Giant Butterfly)
  • Korea (Inkagames Winner & A.R.M.Y.)
  • Many Zombies' Castle (Many Zombies)
  • Billie Eilish's House (Inkagames Winner)

Deaths/Defeat Edit

Paris Hilton Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Chucky - Burning
  • Samara Morgan - Fell by a skate into the well
  • Witch - Magic turned into a frog
  • Michael Myers - Shot by a gun
  • Ghostface - Trapped by a vacuum

Lady Gaga Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Kang - Shot by a laser gun
  • Sideshow Bob - Fell by a banana peel
  • Penguin - Shot by a hot water gun
  • Joker - Put laughing gas in the floor by Joker
  • Ridder - Hitting by a crowbar

Criss Angel Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Tiger - Eat meat pill sleep
  • Zombie Doctor - Killed by an injection
  • Zombie Guard - Killed by a rock saw
  • Zombie Riddler - Killed by a gun
  • Zombie Athlete - Killed by a chainsaw
  • Zombie Doofensmirtz - Destroyed by a power

Justin Bieber Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Giant Spider - Killed by an insecticide
  • Chuck Norris - He's hypnotized
  • Robot Rocky Balboa - Explode by a bomb
  • Bizzaro - Sucker-punched
  • Ronald McDonald - Burger poisoning

Charlie Sheen Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Jason Voorhees - Burning
  • Freddy Krueger - Trapped by a vacuum
  • Pyramid Head - Hittig by a bowling ball
  • Stewie Griffin - Hitting by a baseballs
  • Teletubbies (evil) - Trapped by a cage

Lindsay Lohan Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Sammael - Trapped by a cage
  • Police Woman - Hitting by a bucket
  • Guard Dog - Eat bone pill sleep
  • Watch Guard - Hitting by a rolling pin
  • Outside Guard - Hitting by a stones

Taylor Swift Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Big Bad Wolf - Hitting by a bricks
  • Maleficent - Turned into a statue
  • Evil Witch (old version) - Answer 3: No poison Evil Witch (old version): walk
  • Scar - Trapped by a hole
  • Hades - Turned into a statue

Ariana Grande Deaths/Defeat Part

  • The Mask - Loud horn by the mask
  • Mutant Vegetables - Trapped by a cage
  • Animatronic Pengin - Trapped by a cage
  • Green Goblin - Explode by a bomb
  • Lord Voldemort - Avada Kedavra as Ariana Grande simultaneously conjures Expelliarmus

Asuka Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Snake Jailbird - Hitting mini-Bomb
  • Cooler - Destroyed by a power
  • Hex - Destroyed by a power
  • WolfWrath - Destroyed by a power
  • Crocodile (One Piece) - Trapped by a cage

Kairi Sane Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Shadow Jaller - Destroyed by a power
  • Shark - Eat meat pill sleep
  • Giant Crab - Turned into a statue
  • Robot Evil - Destroyed by a power
  • Sonic.Exe - Trapped by a cage

Bruno Mars Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Frankenstein - Trapped by a cage
  • Killer Croc - Trapped by a hole
  • Licker - Explode by a grenade
  • Octopus - Into an acid
  • Evil Chocolate - Burning

Becky Lynch Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Gendk Ikari - Destroyed by a power
  • SEELE - Destroyed by a power
  • Dog Evil - Eat bone pill sleep
  • The True Evil - Destroyed by a power

BTS Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Zombies - Song Thriller piano turned into a ghost
  • Spider - Killed by an insecticide
  • Serpent - Explode by a grenade
  • Giant Butterfly - Use flower somniferous to sleep

Billie Eilish Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Many Zombie - Trapped by a cage

Deaths/Defeat you LoseEdit

Paris Hilton Deaths/Defeat you lose Part

  • Chucky - To kill by Paris Hilton go heaven
  • Samara Morgan - Scares by Paris Hilton
  • Witch - Magic turned into a frog by Paris Hilton
  • Michael Myers - Killed by a knife by Paris Hilton go heaven
  • Ghostface - Killed by a dagger by Paris Hilton go heaven

Lady Gaga Deaths/Defeat you lose Part

  • Kang - Taking by Lady Gaga
  • Sideshow Bob - Taking by Lady Gaga
  • Penguin - Shot by a nitrogen gun by Lady Gaga
  • Joker - Put laughing gas in the floor by Lady Gaga
  • Ridder - Hitting by a hammer by Lady Gaga

Criss Angel Deaths/Defeat you lose Part

  • Tiger - Scares by Criss Angel
  • Zombie Doctor - Bite me turned into a zombie by Criss Angel
  • Zombie Guard - Bite me turned into a zombie by Criss Angel
  • Zombie Riddler - Bite me turned into a zombie by Criss Angel
  • Zombie Athlete - Bite me turned into a zombie by Criss Angel
  • Zombie Doofensmirtz - Bite me turned into a zombie by Criss Angel

Justin Bieber Deaths/Defeat you lose Part

  • Giant Spider - Taking by Justin Bieber; Killed by an insecticide by Giant Spider and Justin Bieber dead
  • Chuck Norris - He's anger by Justin Bieber
  • Robot Rocky Balboa - Sucker-punched by Justin Bieber
  • Bizzaro - Sucker-punched by Justin Bieber

Ronald McDonald - Eat many burgers by Justin Bieber Charlie Sheen Deaths/Defeat you lose Part

  • Jason Voorhees - Taking by Charlie Sheen
  • Freddy Krueger - Taking by Charlie Sheen
  • Pyramid Head - Hittig by a hammer by Charlie Shee
  • Stewie Griffin - Talks by Charlie Sheen
  • Teletubbies (evil) - Taking by Charlie Sheen

Lindsay Lohan Deaths/Defeat you lose Part

  • Sammael - Taking by Lindsay Lohan
  • Police Woman - Head Shot arrested by Lindsay Lohan
  • Guard Dog - Scares by Lindsay Lohan
  • Watch Guard - Head Shot arrested; Looking camera arrested by Lindsay Lohan
  • Outside Guard - Head Shot arrested

Taylor Swift Deaths/Defeat you lose Part

  • Big Bad Wolf - Loud blow by Taylor Swift
  • Maleficent - Magic turned into a flower by Taylor Swift
  • Evil Witch (old version) - Eat poison apple by Taylor Swift
  • Scar - Taking by Taylor Swift
  • Hades - Turned into a statue by Taylor Swift

Ariana Grande Deaths/Defeat you lose Part

  • The Mask - Loud horn by Ariana Grande
  • Mutant Vegetables - Taking by Ariana Grande
  • Animatronic Pengin - Taking by Ariana Grande
  • Green Goblin - Taking by Ariana Grande
  • Lord Voldemort - Avada Kedavra by Ariana Grande go heaven

Asuka Deaths/Defeat you lose Part

  • Snake Jailbird - Taking by Asuka
  • Cooler - Destroyed by a power by Asuka go heaven
  • Hex - Destroyed by a power by Asuka go heaven
  • WolfWrath - Taking by Asuka
  • Crocodile (One Piece) - Taking by Asuka

Kairi Sane Deaths/Defeat you lose Part

  • Shadow Jaller - Taking by Kairi Sane
  • Shark - Eat by Kairi Sane
  • Giant Crab - Taking by Kairi Sane
  • Robot Evil - Taking by Kairi Sane
  • Sonic.Exe - Attack by Kairi Sane go heaven

Bruno Mars Deaths/Defeat you lose Part

  • Frankenstein - Taking by Bruno Mars
  • Killer Croc - Taking by Bruno Mars
  • Licker - Taking by Bruno Mars
  • Octopus - Taking by Bruno Mars
  • Evil Chocolate - Eat by Bruno Mars go heaven

Becky Lynch Deaths/Defeat you lose Part

  • Gendk Ikari - Destroyed by a power by Becky Lynch go heaven
  • SEELE - Destroyed by a power by Becky Lynch go heaven
  • Dog Evil - Scares by Becky Lynch
  • The True Evil - Destroyed by a power by Becky Lynch go heaven

BTS Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Zombies - Bite by an arms by BTS
  • Spider - Taking by BTS
  • Serpent - Eat by BTS
  • Giant Butterfly - Taking by BTS

Billie Eilish Deaths/Defeat you lose Part

  • Many Zombie - Bite me turned into a zombie by Billie Eilish


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