Cartoon Network Saw Game

Plot Edit

The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Cartoon Network! Help Cartoon Network escape them!


Location: Cartoon Network Studios

  • Mordecai: This fun is a studio
  • Unikitty: Come on inside them
  • Rigby: Get a note to the floor
  • Mordecai: Guys looking a note
  • Somniferous from a note
  • 30 minutes later
  • Ben 10: Where am I?
  • Pigsaw: Hello Everyone
  • 1. Pigsaw in Cartoon Network Studios
  • Mordecai: Pigsaw in Cartoon Network Studios
  • Pigsaw: Yes
  • 2. Is this Rigby Saw Game?
  • Rigby: Is this Rigby Saw Game
  • Pigsaw: Yes
  • 3. What Do You Want?
  • Gumball: What Do You Want?
  • Pigsaw: I Want to play a game
  • Darwin: What kind of game?
  • Pigsaw: A malicious game
  • Pigsaw: We'll have to defeat Cartoon Network Villains 
  • Pigsaw: If you want to malicious cartoon we'll should that
  • Pigsaw: WIn or lose, Make your choice
  • Trailer Card


Heroes: Mordecai, Rigby, Finn the human, Coraje, Ben 10, Flain, Unikitty, Steven, Gumball, Darwin, Dexter, Uncle Grandpa & Mao Mao

Mordecai Villains Part: Anti-Pops, Death (Regular Show), Destroyer of Worlds, Mr. Ross & Peeps

Mordecai Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Pops, Skips, Benson & Hi Five Ghost

Rigby Villains Part : Quillgin, Scarecrow (Regular Show), Unicorns (Regular Show), Warden of the Internet & Zombies (Regular Show)

Rigby Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Muscle Man, Margaret, Thomas & Starla

Finn Villains Part: The Lich, GOLB, Uncle Gumbald, Ice King, Earl of Lemongrab & Fern

Finn Other Part: Inkagames Winner, Jake the Dog, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Lumpy Space Princess & Toad (Adventure Time)

Coraje Villain Part: Katz, Cajun Fox, Le Quack, King Ramses & The Chicken from Outer Space

Coraje Other Part: Inkagames Winner, Eustace Bagge, Mauriel Bagge, Shirley the Medium & The Computer (Courage)

Ben 10 Villains Part: Vigax, Bad Ben, DNAliens, Hex (Ben 10) & Liam (Ben 10)

Ben 10 Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Gwen Tennyson & Grandpa Max

Flain Villains Part: King Nixel, Major Nixel, Nixel Guard & Boxing Nixel

Flain Others Part: Inkagames Winner & Bats (Mixels)

Unikitty Villain Part: Master Frown & Eagleator

Unikitty Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Puppycorn, Hawkodile, Dr. Fox & Richard (Unikitty)

Steven Villains Part: Jasper (Steven Universe), Pink Diamond, White Diamond, Yellow Diamond & Blue Diamond

Steven Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Pearl & Garnet 

Gumball Villains Part: Rob (The Amazing World of Gumball), Zach Watterson & Tina Rex 

Gumball Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Richard Watterson, Nicole Watterson & Anais Watterson

Darwin Villains Part: Lucky Helmet, Grandy & Ant-One

Darwin Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Carrie Krueger, Larry, Banana Joe, Penny, Alan, Carmen, Bobert, Jamie Russo, Leslie, Tobias & Masami

Dexter Villains Part: Mandark & Braindark

Dexter Others Part: Inkagames Winner, Dee Dee, Mom & Dad

Uncle Grandpa Villains Part: Alien Monster & Aunt Grandma

Uncle Grandpa Others Part: Inkagames Winner & Pizza Steve

Mao Mao Villains Part: Rufus, Tiny Toad & Coby

Mao Mao Others Part: Inkagames Winner & Tanya Keys

Deaths/Defeat Edit

Mordecai Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Anti-Pops - Burning arrow
  • Death - Help inkagames winner killed by a scythe
  • Destroyer of Worlds - Hit by a wrecking ball
  • Mr. Ross - Killed by a laser torch
  • Peeps - Burning

Rigby Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Quillgin - Trapped by a cage
  • Scarecrow - Brurning
  • Unicorns - Hit by a bowling ball
  • Warden of the Internet - Help inkagames winner explode a bomb
  • Zombies - Chopping by a tree

Finn Deaths/Death Part

  • The Lich - Killed by a sword
  • GOLB - Trapped by a hole
  • Uncle Gumbald - Hit by a baseball bat
  • Ice King - Trapped by a cage
  • Earl of Lemongrab - Tied by a chain
  • Fern - Shot by an arrow

Coraje Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Katz - Drink by an energy drink poisoning
  • Cajun Fox - Hit by a hammer
  • Le Quack - Trapped by a hole
  • King Ramses - Tied by a rope
  • The Chicken from Outer Space - Shot by a laser gun

Ben 10 Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Vigax - Burned
  • Bad Ben - Trapped by a hole
  • DNAliens - Shot by a laser gun
  • Hex - Strangled by a rope
  • Liam - Trapped by a hole

Flain Deaths/Defeat Part

  • King Nixel - Hit by a bowling ball
  • Major Nixel - Tied by a chain
  • Nixel Guard - Head shot arrested
  • Boxing Nixel - Hit by a hammer

Unikitty Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Master Frown - Hit by a bowling ball
  • Eagleator - Trapped by a net

Steven Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Jasper - Stabbed by a stake
  • Pink Diamond - Stabbed by a pitchfork
  • White Diamond - Trapped by a hole
  • Yellow Diamond - Shot by an injection
  • Blue Diamond - Killed by a laser torch

Gumball Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Rob - To magic turns into a normal
  • Zach Watterson - Trapped by a net
  • Tina Rex - Trapped by a hole

Darwin Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Lucky Helmet - Hit by a bowling ball
  • Grandy - Trapped by a net
  • Ant-One - Hit by a hammer

Dexter Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Mandark - Hit by a sledgehammer
  • Braindark - Trapped by a cage

Uncle Grandpa Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Alien Monster - Shot by a laser gun
  • Aunt Grandpa - Trapped by a net

Mao Mao Deaths/Defeat Part

  • Rufus - Smashing hammer
  • Tiny Toad - Hit by a hanger
  • Coby - Trapped by a hole


in game is based Disney XD Saw Game

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