BriZoner Saw Game

Plot Edit

Pigsaw forcing BriZoner to play evil game

Characters Edit

hero: BriZoner

Villains: Pigsaw, Pigface, Pad thai Monster, Mr.Freezer, Ghost in the Paint, Bee evil, Catwoman,  Zach Watterson, Asuka (WWE/Smosh Saw Game 2), Doughnut Monster, Gorizilla, Spider big, The Daltons,  Darkman, Meat Monster, the Grinch, cat, Hulk Evil.

Others: Inkagame Winner Carl Casagrande, Batman (Batman Saw Game), Termite (Giancarlo Lo Tito Saw Game), Bobby Santiago, Homer Simpson (The Simpsons Saw Game),Shinnosuke Nohara and Shiro (Shinchan Saw Game 2).

Deaths/Defeats Edit

Trivia Edit

Like Marselo Saw Game

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