Animaniacs Saw Game is a Saw Game idea Made by Franketepoke2

Story Edit

Inspired by all the questionable things the Warners did years before, Pigsaw and Pigface kidnaps the Warners to do the same thing they do everyday,force them to play his game,the Warners,separated in 3 different mazes will have to defeat numerous dangers to escape.

Characthers Edit

  • Heroes
  • Yakko Warner
  • Wakko Warner
  • Dot Warner

Villains Edit

  • Pigsaw
  • Pigface
  • Pinky and the Brain

Yakko's Part Edit

  • Stewie Griffin

Wakko's Part Edit

  • Katie Ka-Boom

Dot's Part Edit

  • Plankton
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Others Edit

  • Frank Barrington

Trivia Edit

  • On the variable dialogue in the intro, number 1 text is said by Dot, number 2 text is said by Wakko, and number 3 text is said by Yakko.
  • Dr.Barrington's OC Frank makes a cameo,in which he references the invited people on recent Inkagames proyects,saying that he's here because it was his idea to make Pigsaw kidnap the Warners.
  • The Warners will usually break the 4th Wall during the game
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